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Highway to the Gopher.Zone

This is a minimal static-site-generated blog of write-ups and resources for new users who are new to gopher. In a sense, the articles here can be thought of as a gopher kickstart.


Do you have content that should be shared here? Either notify me in an issue or add the content directly via pull request. If the content is originally from another source, please replicate it here, but include a preamble to the article with a link to the original.


Links on the web and in gopher can disappear, so this repository/blog chooses to replicate the content rather than link to it.

Build from Source

This repo uses submodules for the theme. To properly clone the repository you should run:

git clone --recurse-submodules <path to repo>

You'll need to install hugo to build the project, but once done you can run the local testing server as so:

make serve


If your content is duplicated/linked to here and you don't want it to be so, please notify me via an issue or email and I'll promptly remove it.