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[X] Dancer::Core::App
[X] Dancer::Core::Route
[X] Dancer::Core::Response
[X] Dancer::Core::Context
[X] Dancer::Core::Server::Standalone
[ ] Dancer::Core::Server::PSGI
[ ] Dancer::Core::Server::Debug
[X] Dancer::Core::Config
[X] Dancer::Core::Hook
[X] Dancer::Core::Cookie
[X] Dancer::Core::MIME
[X] Dancer::Core::Role::Template
[ ] Dancer::Template::Simple
[X] Dancer::Template::Toolkit
[X] Dancer::Core::Role::Logger
[ ] Dancer::Logger::File
[X] Dancer::Logger::Console
[X] Dancer::Core::Role::Session
[ ] Dancer::Session::YAML
[ ] Dancer::Session::Simple
[X] Dancer::Core::Role::Serializer
[X] Dancer::Serializer::JSON
[X] Dancer::Serializer::YAML
[X] Dancer::Serializer::Dumper
[ ] Dancer::Core::Role::Plugin (??)
- The following keywords are deprecated actually on Dancer 1.
Should we deprecate them for ever and ever in Dancer 2?
- layout (set layout instead)
- logger (set logger instead)
- mime_type (use mime)
- render_with_layout (use engine(template)->apply_layout
- set_cookie (use cookie)
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