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future release
release 1.3
* added model of Nicolescu et al. (not finished)
* added optimisation for calculating function I(t, t')
* build based on CMake
* ElegentTest renamed to ElegentGeneratorTest
* traceable Elegent version (and SVN revision) in ROOT files and plots
* middle range t-plots: linear, up to 1.5 GeV^2
* added Godizov model
* numerical integration exploiting GSL library
* added model of Ferreira et al.
* added model of Donnachie and Landshoff
* added 2015 version of model by Islam et al.
release 1.2.1
* fixed build problem: correct order of libraries
* improved test suite
release 1.2
* fixed make_release script
* explict unit specification (GeV, mm) in HepMC event description
release 1.1
* naming scheme for distributions and plots
* minor modification: JenkovszkyModel updated to match with Int. J. Mod. Phys. A26 (2011)
* BHModel: updated to match with BLOCK, M. M., Phys. Rept. 436 (2006) 71-215
* new model labeling scheme: name:mode (variant) [version]
* added s-distribution sampler
* BHModel: inconsistencies checked with the authors
* BSWModel: reggeon contribution fully functional, correct difference between pp and app reactions
release 1.0
* first fully operational version