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  • Build Monitor will use Build Failure Analyzer Plugin if you have it installed, and tell you not only who, but also what broke the build (make sure you have Git plugin installed too as Build Failure Analyzer depends on it) #41 #51
  • "Possible Culprits" will no longer be displayed on a broken build if it's claimed, thus reducing the visual noise. #40 #49
  • Based on the feedback I received on twitter I also adjusted font sizes - build numbers are slightly smaller, possible culprits and detected build failures slightly larger.
  • Build Monitor can run in a colour-blind friendly mode. See #30 for details.
  • Last but not least, Build Monitor has also gained a basic acceptance suite and seems to be the first Jenkins plugin to use real browser-based automation (those tests are in very early stages though so don't be too hard on them ;) )

Selenium Test Status

Thanks to Mr. @drekbour for his contributions and support on this release.

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