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@jan-molak jan-molak released this Jun 29, 2014 · 299 commits to master since this release

Long-awaited support for Cloudbees Folder Plugin has just arrived!

Cloudbees Folder Plugin allows you to group Jenkins jobs into... well, folders :) Those can represent projects, teams, projects within teams, teams within projects, sub-projects within projects, etc.

How does Build Monitor support the Folder Plugin? In several ways:

  • you can have Build Monitors nested within folders to create project-specific or team-specific views
  • you can also show jobs nested within folders on "upper-level" Build Monitors

The above means that given this example project structure:

└─Librarian Project                  - Folder
  ├─ Librarian Core                  - Job
  ├─ Librarian Project Build Monitor - Build Monitor using .* regex and "recurse in subfolders"
  └── Micro-services                 - Folder
      └─ Indexer                     - Job

what you'll see on Librarian Project Build Monitor is this (note the "»"):
screen shot 2014-06-30 at 00 05 59

Cool, right? One more thing, above example is also expressed in this acceptance test: BehaviourWithCloudbeesFoldersTest, which means that you can see the expected behaviour on SauceLabs.

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This release delivers #50 and #66, so thanks to @suryagaddipati for his contribution and @daniel-beck for helpful suggestions on IRC #jenkins :)

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