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A web based data mining workflow platform with real-time analysis capabilities
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Local installation of the Mothra project


  • python >= 2.5
  • pip
  • virtualenv/wrapper (optional)
  • python headers if you're compiling Pillow from source: you need the python-dev package on debian systems


Creating the environment

Create a virtual python environment for the project. If you're not using virtualenv or virtualenvwrapper you may skip this step.

For virtualenvwrapper

mkvirtualenv --no-site-packages mothra-env

For virtualenv

virtualenv --no-site-packages mothra-env
cd mothra-env
source bin/activate

Clone the code

Obtain the url to your git repository.

git clone

Install requirements

cd mothra
pip install -r requirements.txt

Configure project

cp mothra/ mothra/
vi mothra/

Enable workflow packages

Uncomment the packages that you need in mothra/ in the INSTALLED_APPS_WORKFLOWS_SUB tuple.

Sync database

Say "no" to creating a super-user when prompted. You'll create the user after migrations.

python syncdb --noinput

Migrate database

python migrate

Create super-user

python createsuperuser

Import packages

python import_all


python runserver

Running with debugger

python runserver_plus

Open browser to

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