Let {{.}} be current item when checking for existance #185

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Mustache.render("{{#name}}hello {{.}}{{/name}}!", {name: "foo"})

Outputs: "hello [object Object]!"

Expected: "hello foo!"

Not sure if this is by design. The scalate mustache implementation renders this as expected.


This would be very helpful when trying to render values that may be a list or a single item.

I have a template that renders images ... sometimes the images urls are in a list and sometimes it is just a single image url. The same template is used to render photos (many) and logo's (1) .. hence the list and the single image in different contexts.

I have a section for images and then a value containing either a list or a single url depending on the context.
<img src="{{.}}" .....

This works fine for lists but . context does not seem to be set for single items.

For now I will just convert single images to a list but this would be nice unless there is a reason for it to work this way.


Current workaround: use the name of the value again:

Mustache.render("{{#name}}hello {{name}}{{/name}}!", {name: "foo"})

Be aware that this will not work anymore when this issue gets fixed.


The 0.7 branch supports this behavior for objects, but not for plain strings. This has been added in the 0.8 branch which should be released soon.

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