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Easy to use UI components for the game engine
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Easy to use UI components for the game engine

View all the working components right in your browser, click here.

Currently includes

  • ProgressBar
  • ProgressPie (radial progress bar)
  • Toast (in-game notification)
  • ToggleSlider

to use run the following in your game's package.json directory:

npm install --save phaser-ui

In files where you want to use these, import them at the top. ProgressBar for example:

import * as PhaserUi from 'phaser-ui';
var bar = new PhaserUi.ProgressBar(game,...);

To learn how to consume these components, there's no API. You just have to read the code located in /src.


If you'd like to contribute, thank you!

To install dependencies, run npm run setup. Do NOT npm install as it causes these nested projects to break (IDK why).

The UI components all live in src/, so if you want to add a file create it there and include it in index.js. npm run test builds the UI components with Webpack, installs it locally to the test game in test/src, and starts a local server to the test game.

If you just want to run the test game: cd test && npm run start.

The test directory contains a phaser game that was created with the phaser-plus Yeoman generator. To create a new state run yo phaser-plus:state or for a new object run yo phaser-plus:object. Write code here to test components and ensure they are working. If you modify the 'phaser-ui' source code, you will need to rerun npm run test, but the game's source code will live-reload in browser.

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