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Script Name: Vsan-SetSwapFiles.ps1
Created on: 8/3/2016
Created by: Jase McCarty
Twitter: @jasemccarty
This script will go through each host in a designated cluster and
set /VSAN/SwapThickProvisionDisabled to either Thin or Space Reserved (Thick)
Syntax is:
To Set Thin Swap Files
Vsan-SetSwapFiles.ps1 -ClusterName <ClusterName> -VMSwap thin
To turn DedupeScan Off
Vsan-SetSwapFiles.ps1 -ClusterName <ClusterName> -VMSwap thick
This is only applicable to ESXi hosts with Virtual SAN 6.2 or greater
# Set our Parameters
[Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
# Must be connected to vCenter Server 1st
# Connect-VIServer
# Get the Cluster Name
$Cluster = Get-Cluster -Name $ClusterName
# Check to ensure we have either enable or disable, and set our values/text
Switch ($VMSwap) {
"thin" {
$VMS = "1"
$VMSTEXT = "VM Swap Files set to Thin"
"thick" {
$VMS = "0"
$VMSTEXT = "VM Swap Files set to Thick (Object Space Reserved)"
default {
write-host "Please include the parameter -VMSwap thin or -VMSwap thick"
# Display the Cluster
Write-Host Cluster: $($
# If the Cluster has VSAN Enabled, then proceed
if ($Cluster.VsanEnabled){
# Cycle through each ESXi Host in the cluster
Foreach ($ESXHost in ($Cluster |Get-VMHost |Sort Name)){
# Grab EsxCLI content to check for proper host version
$esxcli = Get-EsxCli -VMHost $ESXHost -V2
# Grab the major host version
$esxmajor = $esxcli.system.version.get.invoke().version
# Grab the update version
$esxupdate = $esxcli.system.version.get.invoke().update
# Make sure a version 6.0.0 or 6.5.0 host is being checked
If ($esxmajor -eq "6.0.0" -or $esxmajor -ge "6.5.0") {
# Make sure the host is ESXi 6.0.0 Update 2 or ESXi 6.5.0
If ($esxupdate -gt "1" -or $esxmajor -ge "6.5.0") {
# Get the current setting for SwapThickProvisionDisabled
$SwapThickProvisionDisabled = Get-AdvancedSetting -Entity $ESXHost -Name "VSAN.SwapThickProvisionDisabled"
# If Swaps are Thick, set them to thin
If($SwapThickProvisionDisabled.value -ne $VMS){
# Show that host is being updated
Write-Host "Updating VM Swap Files Setting for $ESXHost"
$SwapThickProvisionDisabled | Set-AdvancedSetting -Value $VMS -Confirm:$false
} else {
# Show that the host is already set for Thin Swap Files
Write-Host "$ESXHost is already configured for $VMSTEXT"
} else {
Write-Host "vSAN Not Enabled: Exiting"