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Using Requirejs to Load 2 Isolated Versions of Jquery

Simple demonstration using requirejs to load 2 isolated versions of jquery.

Project Structure

project structure

Usage Example

Loading 2 isolated versions of jquery is pretty simple. First you need to wrap jquery in as an AMD compliant module. This shows one of the great advantages of the AMD API that requirejs provides us. More info can be found here: CommonJS Asynchronous Definition and here RequireJS

Wrap Non-Compliant AMD Modules (e.g. jquery) With an AMD Module

Note: using the order! requirejs plugin is needed to accomplish this, as it ensures that jquery is loaded before it's module wrapper is executed.

//file: libs/jquery/jquery1.6.3.module.js
	// Load the original jQuery source file
	  // Tell Require.js that this module returns a reference to jQuery
	  return $;//return the global scope object

Load 2 Versions of Jquery

Now we can load the 2 versions of jquery

     //demonstrate loading 2 versions of jquery into a module
		 function($171, $163){
			alert('I have jquery version : ' + $171.fn.jquery + ' and jquery version : ' + $163.fn.jquery + ' successfully loaded.');


Demo of this code running can be found here : RequireJS & Multiple Versions of Jquery Demo

Jason McAffee