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⚠️ DEPRECATED Stream your own videos easily, either on your private network or to the world using HTML5 video.
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Dejavideo is discontinued, but I'm currently working on dejavideo2, built from scratch with Node+Express in the backend and Angular in the frontend.

Tested in PHP 5.3

Check the demo page at

Stream your own videos easily, either on your private network or to the world using HTML5 video. I use the app to share all my videos from my main device to any devices in the house connected to the Wi-Fi, including tablets and smartphones. Fully functional without JavaScript and Flash.


JavaScript independent features:

  • Responsive design with beautiful columns for desktop, smartphones and tablets.
  • Autodetects captions (.vtt files must have the same name as the video except the extension, and must be placed either in the same directory or in a subfolder subs/).
  • Convenient renaming of filenames via regular expressions (pattern - replacement).
  • Folder contents count and file details (size and modification date).
  • Indefinitely recursive listings.

Added features that require JavaScript:

  • Support for Videojs.
  • Video support detection. Unsopported files in the current browser are marked and links to the video are disabled.
  • Added controls for video playback.
  • Intuitive additions to Video.js: full screen on double click (or pinch on touch screens thanks to Hammer.js), autohide for control bar…
  • Recent files bar that scrolls horizontally by dragging it.
  • Ability to delete files.
  • Custom start time by adding a number of seconds after the hash (ie. url#60 would make the video start at minute 1). The URL gets periodical updates so you can keep the link and start where you left off.

Video support *

  • Theora (usually with .ogv or .ogg filename extensions)
  • H.264, (.mp4, .mkv, .3gp)
  • V8 (.webm)

* Actual support depends on the browser of choice. Learn more at

How to install

Copy the application on a folder on your web root and put your videos inside the data/ folder (alternatively, you can create a symlink to any folder on your system), organised in subfolders or however you prefer. Access the app by a local URL like localhost/dejavideo. Enjoy!

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