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Dependent peptide search result import for Perseus
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Perseus plugin for importing dependent peptide search results from MaxQuant. Requires PluginInterop and Python with perseuspy installed.

For questions and bug reports please use the issue system.


PluginDependentPeptides can be downloaded from the Perseus plugin store, along side its dependency PluginInterop.

For latests builds you require to have Visual Studio.

Verify your installation

  1. Download small example files for the allPeptides.txt table and the Raw files table.
  2. Run the Dependent Peptides upload in Perseus.

Frequently asked questions

Take a look at the issues and see if your question was already answered. Additionally you can look for help in the Perseus Help google group.

  1. Where can I find the rawFilesTable.txt file? First load your project in MaxQuant. Now in the 'Raw files' tab right click the table and choose Plain matrix export.... rawFilesTable.txt

Plugin development guide

You can find a plugin development guide on github.

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