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# Program to fixup RSI-scanned HTML to contain the previous and next
# links (in two location, top and bottom), plus some other useful
# links.
# (c)2004 J.D. Smith <>
# Version Supporting: IDLv6.1
# Verify that the listing files funclisting.html, nav_procedures.html,
# nav_functions.html, nav_objects.html all exist, or modify below as
# necessary.
# Usage: (in directory containing IDL .html files)
opendir DIR,"." or die "Can't open current directory\n";
my @files=grep {-f && /\.html$/} readdir(DIR);
close DIR;
die "No HTML files found.\n" unless @files;
undef $/;
my $contents=
'<a href="home.html">Home</a> | '.
'<a href="funclisting.html">Categories</a> | '.
'<a href="idl_alph.html">Alphabetical</a> | '.
'<a href="idl_obj_class.html">Classes</a> | '.
'<a href="idl_con.html">All Contents</a> | ';
foreach $file (@files) {
open FILE, "<$file" or do {warn "Can't open $file... skipping"; next};
close FILE;
if (m|<meta\ name="PREV_PAGE"\ content="([^"]+)"\ />\s*
<meta\ name="NEXT_PAGE"\ content="([^"]+)"\ />|xs) {
my ($prev,$next)=($1,$2);
$links='<div class="CellBody">'.
$contents .
"<a href=\"$prev\">[ &lt; ]</a> | " .
"<a href=\"$next\">[ &gt; ]</a>" .
open FILE, ">$file" or do {warn "Can't write to $file... skipping"; next};
print FILE;
close FILE;