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21 April 2020: babeld-1.9.2
* Fixed two issues that could cause IPv4 routes to be represented
incorrectly, with a range of confusing symptoms. Thanks to
Fabian Bläse.
* Fixed incorrect parsing of TLVs with an unknown Address Encoding.
Thanks to Théophile Bastian.
* Fixed access to mis-aligned data structure. Thanks to Antonin Décimo.
20 August 2019: babeld-1.9.1
* Fixed a crash that could happen when unicast and RTT estimation are
both enabled on an interface. Thanks to Dave Taht.
* Fixed compilation under BSD. Thanks to Dave Taht.
4 August 2019: babeld-1.9.0
* Reworked buffering of unicast packets to use a per-neighbour buffer
rather than a single buffer per interface. This makes unicast as
efficient as multicast, at the cost of slightly higher memory usage.
* Added option "unicast" that allows sending most TLVs over unicast.
This is necessary for the DTLS extension.
* Implemented parsing of unicast Hellos. This makes it possible to
interoperate with neighbours that only speak unicast (e.g. over some
kinds of tunnels that only do unicast).
* Implemented sending of unscheduled unicast Hellos. This makes the
RTT extension work over unicast too.
* Reworked the xroute data structures to use binary search and
linear-time comparison.
* Don't attempt to modify the rp_filter sysctl if it already has the
desired value; this makes it possible to run babeld in an
unpriviledged container. Thanks to Christof Schulze.
* Reinstated logging of late hellos. Thanks to Dave Taht.
* Don't send wildcard requests or Hellos to newish nodes. This makes
acquisition of new neighbours slower, but drastically reduces noise at
startup. Thanks to Teco Boot.
* Remove an arbitrary limit on the number of interfaces. Thanks to
Christof Schulze.
* Removed class E from martian filter. Thanks to Dave Taht.
* Added the ability to set the preferred source address in install filters.
Thanks to Killian Lufau.
* Fixed a number of read-only buffer overflows. Thanks to Leo Stefanesco.
22 July 2019: babeld-1.8.5
* Fixed a bug that caused confustion between learned routes and
imported routes (thanks to Fabian Bläse).
* Fixed a bug that prevented install filters from being evaluated
(thanks to Killian Lufau).
9 November 2018: babeld-1.8.4
* Fixed a bug that discarded pipelined commands received on the local
configuration interface.
* Added the per-interface option rfc6126-compatible.
24 September 2018: babeld-1.8.3
* Fixed a read-only two byte buffer overflow in the packet parser.
This is a read-only overflow, and hence most probably not exploitable.
* Fixed an issue with creating unreachable routes on recent kernels
(4.16 and up). Thanks to Christof Schulze.
* Notice interface changes faster by listening to more netlink events.
Thanks to Christof Schulze.
* Fixed a local interface issue when an interface has no link-local
address. Thanks to Christof Schulze.
12 May 2018: babeld-1.8.2
* Fixed a bug that prevented redistribution of IPv4 routes. Thanks to
Niklas Yann Wettengel.
7 April 2018: babeld-1.8.1
* Implemented parsing of mandatory sub-TLVs and unicast and unscheduled
Hellos. This makes this version comply with RFC 6126bis. However, we
don't send any of these yet, so this version remains compatible with
RFC 6126.
* Fixed a bug that prevented us from sending requests after we lose
a route. This makes convergence much faster in some cases, at the
cost of slightly increased traffic.
* Fixed interface addresses on some kinds of point-to-point links.
* The keep-unfeasible (-u) option has been removed, this is now the
default behaviour.
6 December 2016: babeld-1.8.0
* Added the ability to reconfigure babeld dynamically from the
monitoring interface. This is an incompatible change.
* Changed the configuration language to use an enumerated type instead
of the "wired" boolean. This is an incompatible change.
* Setting max-rtt-penalty no longer enables timestamps. This is an
incompatible change.
* Added PF_UNIX support to the local interface. Thanks to Julien Cristau.
* Made it possible to have a 0 channel number within the diversity extension,
which is consistent with draft-chroboczek-babel-diversity-routing-01.
* Fixed a bug (introduced in 1.7.0) that could cause spurious policy
rules to be created in the kernel. Thanks to Matthieu Boutier.
14 February 2016: babeld-1.7.1
* Fix compilation under musl. Thanks to Gabriel Kerneis.
3 February 2016: babeld-1.7.0
* Added the ability to choose the kernel routing table on a per-route
basis. Thanks to Matthieu Boutier.
* Refactored the disambiguation code to live above the kernel interface.
Thanks to Matthieu Boutier.
* Reworked the source table to function in log time.
* Optimised the disambiguation code to avoid scanning all routes in
non-source-specific networks. Thanks to Matthieu Boutier.
* Modified the triggered updates logic to no longer send multihop
requests. This makes babeld slightly less noisy, at the cost of
slightly longer reconvergence after mobility.
* Increased the token bucket limits, which some large meshes are
starting to hit.
* Increased the size of the netlink socket buffer.
1 October 2015: babeld-1.6.3
* Changed the handling of kernel configuration and added the
skip-kernel-setup option. Thanks to Toke Høiland-Jørgensen.
* Added the option "router-id" and removed the flag "-R". This is an
incompatible change.
31 July 2015: babeld-1.6.2
* Added the ability to specify a router-id explicitly (-R).
* Changed router-id computation to use all interfaces, which increases
the chances of a stable id.
* Changed the format of babel-state to only contain the seqno -- the
validation of router-id was useless, and actually harmful when the
router-id changed multiple times.
* Fixed a bug with native source-specific routing. Thanks to Matthieu
16 June 2015: babeld-1.6.1
* Fixed a buffer overflow in zone_equal. This is probably not
exploitable, but might cause incorrect routing tables in the presence
of source-specific routing.
* Added support for defaulting ipv6-subtrees automatically based on the
kernel version.
* Fixed compilation under musl.
14 April 2015: babeld-1.6.0
* Added support for source-specific routing. Thanks to Matthieu Boutier.
* Added support for reflecting metrics as kernel priorities. Thanks to
Pierre Pfister.
* Worked around a Linux kernel bug with an infinite EAGAIN loop. Thanks
to Dave Taht.
* Changed wildcard updates to not set flag 0x40. Reported by Markus
* Made ipv6-subtrees a runtime option. Thanks to Matthieu Boutier.
4 July 2014: babeld-1.5.1
* Added support for reading multiple configuration files by specifying
the -c command-line flag multiple times.
* Be less noisy about unknown TLV types. Thanks to Baptiste Jonglez.
22 May 2014: babeld-1.5.0
* Added support for an RTT-based metric -- see the description of
"enable-timestamps" in the manual page. This work was done by
Baptiste Jonglez with help from Matthieu Boutier.
15 November 2013: babeld-1.4.3
* Added random-id option to config file (equivalent to -r).
* Fixed parsing of compressed IPv4 updates. Thanks to Matthieu Boutier.
* Fixed formatting of seqno requests with short prefixes. Thanks to
Matthieu Boutier.
* Fixed possible DoS on the local interface. Thanks to Baptiste Jonglez.
* Fixed advertising costs higher than INFINITY on the local interface.
Thanks to Baptiste Jonglez.
* Fixed an assertion failure when an interface configuration is
split into multiple config file directives.
* Disable atomic route changes on BSD, which are buggy at least under
Mac OS X. Thanks to Grégoire Henry.
19 June 2013: babeld-1.4.2
* Extensive changes to the configuration parser. It is now possible
to set all command-line options from the configuration file, and
to specify default values for interface parameters.
* Allow redistributing routes from multiple kernel tables. Thanks
to Toke Høiland-Jørgensen.
* Fix some whitespace issues in the configuration parser.
* Fix a bug in the configuration parser that could give wrong values
to some exotic interface parameters (channel and faraway).
* Fix a bug that could cause some extra traffic at shutdown. Thanks
to Matthieu Boutier.
* Under Linux, set rp_filter explicitly for all interfaces. This
avoids mysterious routing failures on distributions that set
rp_filter by default. Reported by Baptiste Jonglez.
19 June 2013: babeld-1.3.8
* Fix a bug in the configuration parser that could give wrong values
to some exotic interface parameters (channel and faraway).
* Fix a bug that could cause some extra traffic at shutdown. Thanks
to Matthieu Boutier.
* Under Linux, set rp_filter explicitly for all interfaces. This
avoids mysterious routing failures on distributions that set
rp_filter by default. Reported by Baptiste Jonglez.
26 May 2013: babeld-1.4.1
* Fix a bug that would cause the channel list to remain stuck at its
initial value when running with -z3.
26 May 2013: babeld-1.3.7
* Fix a bug that would cause the channel list to remain stuck at its
initial value when running with -z3.
3 May 2013: babeld-1.4.0
* Change the route selection algorithm to used a smoothed metric in
addition to the "real" metric. This reduces the amount of route
flapping without any special case hacks.
* New flag -r, use a random router-id. This avoids temporarily
unreachable nodes after a reboot when persistent storage is not
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: the local interface now announces the local
hostname, and marks the end of the initial route dump. (Thanks to
Gabriel Kerneis.)
* The local interface is now able to accept multiple simultaneous
* Detect BATMAN interfaces, don't assume they are wired.
2 May 2013: babeld-1.3.6
* Work around recent Linux kernels advertising the IPv6 route cache
as if it were part of the routing table. Thanks to Baptiste Jonglez.
12 April 2013: babeld-1.3.5
* Fix parsing of "channel interfering". Reported by Gioacchino
* Correctly reset rp_filter to its old value at shutdown. Thanks to
Matthias Schiffer.
* Work around a race condition that could cause us to fail to notice
an interface's link-local address, and hence mark all neighbours
as unreachable. Reported by Gabriel Kerneis.
8 August 2012: babeld-1.3.4
* Disable atomic route changes on Linux; this used to cause stuck
unreachable routes on non-multipath kernels.
* Improve error checking in command-line and configuration parser.
12 July 2012: babeld-1.3.3
* More fixes to IPv4 support on BSD -- pure meshes are now
* Fixed a very rare bug where an unfeasible route could be
30 June 2012: babeld-1.3.2
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: removed parasitic mode (-P).
* Fixes to IPv4 support on BSD.
* More reduction to the rate of sending requests.
11 February 2012: babeld-1.3.1
* Made the resend logic less aggressive. This should lead to fewer
request messages upon link failure, at the cost of somewhat worse
behaviour in the presence of heavy packet loss.
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: removed the idle detection functionality (-i).
This feature was little used and complicated the code somewhat.
* Various internal tweaks to bring babeld closer to the Quagga version.
8 December 2011: babeld-1.3.0
* Made the route table into a sorted array, and use binary sort for
searching for routes. This makes most route operations O(log n), at
a slight cost in memory usage.
* Changed the update sending strategy to use buffers large enough for
a full update. This makes the duplicate suppression mechanism
effective in large networks, at a small cost in memory usage.
* Rate-limit the reaction to wildcard requests. This avoids an update
storm at boot in large networks.
* Fixed a bug that prevented usage of the "default" keyword in
configuration files.
16 October 2011: babeld-1.2.1
* Fixed an incorrect assertion that would cause a crash when -w was
being used (reported by Thomas McLure).
9 September 2011: babeld 1.2.0
* Merged the interference-aware branch ("babelz"). Please see the
"-z" flag in the manual page.
* Fixed a memory leak when expiring resent messages.
* Fixed a buffer overflow when parsing MAC addresses (Matthieu Boutier).
* Implemented MAC address parsing for BSD (Matthieu Boutier).
27 August 2011: babeld 1.1.4
* Change the default port number to 6696, as allocated by IANA.
3 August 2011: babeld 1.1.3
* Implemented an option -u to keep unfeasible routes; this is useful
for giving more data to front-end interfaces.
* Fixed a number of minor bugs in the front-end interface.
* Fixed incorrect handling of interfaces with multiple link-local
addresses (thanks to Matthieu Boutier).
27 July 2011: babeld 1.1.2:
* Changed the strategy used to tweak an installed route in a way that
should avoid packet loss (thanks to Dave Taht).
* Fixed the handling of duplicate interface definitions in the config
file (thanks to Matthieu Boutier).
16 May 2011: babeld 1.1.1:
* Fixed two bugs in the message parser that could cause IPv4 updates to
get lost.
* Fixed a bug in the monitoring interface that could cause route ids
to change (thanks to Gabriel Kerneis).
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: the default wired hello interval is now 4 seconds.
* Ported to Bionic libc.
30 January 2011: babeld 1.1.0:
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: the UDP port number and multicast group have
been changed to be the ones allocated by IANA.
* Initial port to OpenBSD, by Vincent Gross.
1 October 2010: babeld 1.0.2:
* Worked around a gcc bug that would cause assertion failures on MIPS.
2 May 2010: babeld 1.0.1:
* Fixed a bug that could cause input filters to be ignored.
22 April 2010: babeld 1.0:
* Minor portability fixes.
8 February 2010: babeld 0.98:
* Implement the ability to prefer Babel routes to external routes
according to the kernel priority (-A).
* Implement the ability to redistribute "boot" routes when the protocol
is explicitly specified on the "redistribute" line.
* Allow trailing whitespace in config file.
5 November 2009: babeld 0.97:
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: rename babel.{conf,log} to babeld.*.
* Use getopt for parsing command-line options.
11 August 2009: babeld 0.96
* Renamed babel to babeld.
* Routes are now automatically flushed when an interface goes down or an
IPv4 address changes, which avoids desynchronisation between Babel and
the kernel.
21 April 2009: babel 0.95
* Fixed a bug that broke link-quality estimation, and could cause
severe instability when we had both good and marginal neighbours.
* We now send retractions after a redistributed route is retracted.
* Fixed a bug that could cause reliable messages (retractions and
router-id switches) to only be sent twice.
* We no longer obey a silent time at startup, instead sending a bunch of
retractions. The silent time is inconvenient, but seldom useful.
* Updates for routes to self are now sent together with other updates
(they used to be sent more frequently).
* Fixes the configuration parser to interpret hello-interval as a number
of seconds, as specified in the documentation (it used to be interpreted
as a number of milliseconds).
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: the update interval is now a per-interface value,
may be configured manually in the configuraton file, and defaults to
4 times the hello interval. The -u flag is gone.
10 April 2009: babel 0.94
* Fixed a bug introduced in 0.17 that caused recently retracted routes to
remain until the routing table entry was flushed.
* Implemented per-interface configuration of parameters such as link
cost, hello interval etc. The command-line flags are now only used to
set defaults.
15 March 2009: babel 0.93
* No longer update seqno periodically, rely on explicit seqno requests.
21 January 2009: babel 0.92
* Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if an interface was repeatedly
brought down and then back up.
* Implemented some protection against time stepping when POSIX clocks are
not available.
10 November 2008: babel 0.91
* Maintain buffered updates per-interface, which makes multi-interface
nodes significantly less noisy.
* Changed the strategy for dealing with unfeasible routes to be slightly
more generous while still avoiding loops.
* Fixed a bug that would cause multi-hop requests to be spuriously resent.
* Made a number of micro-optimisations throughout.
23 October 2008: babel 0.90
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: all new Babel version 2 protocol, which is both
more robust and less chatty than version 1.
* Tweaked the strategies for sending triggered updates and unfeasible
requests to be more conservative.
* Minor optimisations all over the place.
* Removed the protocol specification -- the version 2 spec is maintained
18 October 2008: babel 0.17
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: removed support for ``inherit'' in redistribution.
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: a pidfile is now created by default.
* Increased the default seqno interval.
* Use a fixed kernel priority for routes installed by babel.
29 September 2008: babel 0.16
* Tweaked cost computation to be slightly slower.
* Implemented a local interface for GUIs.
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: the -X command-line option is no more.
8 July 2008: babel 0.15
* Fixed a bug that could break link-quality estimation on yo-yo links.
* Protect against duplicate neighbour ids on the same interface.
* More tweaks to improve scaling with the number of kernel routes.
* Tweaked the default update interval.
1 July 2008: babel 0.14
* Use POSIX clocks if available to protect against clock stepping.
* Made babel use available internal routes straight away when the
set of redistributed routes changes.
* Lifted the arbitrary limit on the number of kernel routes.
* Changed the routing metric used on wireless links to plain ETX.
* Bridges are now automatically detected and treated as potential
wireless interfaces.
* Reduced the default hello interval.
24 May 2008: babel 0.13
* Removed all arbitrary limits (interfaces, neighbours, routes,
xroutes and sources).
* Fixed a bug that prevented expiration of stale sources.
* Updated the kernel interface to work with recent Linux kernels.
* More tweaks to the order in which updates are sent.
7 April 2008: babel 0.12
* Retractions are now sent multiple times, which should speed up
convergence in presence of packet loss.
* Optimised the sending of updates to make them smaller.
* Don't forward requests multiple times; this should reduce the
noise due to requests with no increase in convergence time.
* Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when resending requests.
* Added some protection against clock stepping.
29 March 2008: babel 0.11
* Implemented sub-second hello and update intervals.
* Fixed a bug that could prevent the best route from being selected
for extended periods of time.
* Implemented protection against out-of-date requests being sent and
forwarded when a node loses its sequence number.
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: reduced the cost of wired networks down to 96
from 128.
* Tweaked the frequency at which a router's seqno increases, to make
it more likely that a feasible route will be available when needed.
* Implemented garbage collection of old sources.
* Implemented coalescing of unicast messages.
* Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when a link's MTU changes.
* Fixed a bug that could delay noticing that a network is no longer
idle when running Babel with the -i flag.
* Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect metrics to be advertised
when output filtering was used.
* Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect link costs to be computed when
a neighbour reduces its hello interval.
* Fixed some minor issues with the ordering of outgoing messages.
11 March 2008: babel 0.10
* Implemented the ability to automatically export local addresses (see
the ``local'' keyword in redistribute specifications). This should
avoid the need to explicitly specify -X on the command line
(Julien Cristau and Juliusz Chroboczek).
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: local routes (local interface addresses) are
now exported by default. Specify ``redistribute local deny'' to
avoid that.
* Babel will now automatically choose a router id if none is
specified on the command line.
* Automatically adapt to interfaces appearing or disappearing at runtime,
as is usually the case when running over tunnels or VPNs.
* Changed the link quality computation algorithm to not discard very
lossy links.
* Multi-hop requests will now be forwarded to an unfeasible successor
under some circumstances.
* Send multi-hop requests more aggressively.
* Send requests for a new seqno upon receiving an unfeasible update
if it's better than what we have.
* No longer consider the age of routes in route selection.
* Added ability to run as a daemon.
14 February 2008: babel 0.9
* Implemented a proper configuration language to specify input and
output filters and redistribution policies.
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: the flags -4, -x and -c are no longer supported.
8 February 2008: babel 0.8
* Babel will now automatically check for interfaces' up/down status,
IPv4 address, and optionally for carrier sense.
* Implemented the -w option, which disables all optimisations for
wired interfaces.
* Implemented support for non-default routing tables.
* Fixed a bug that could spuriously remove IPv4 routes (thanks to
Julien Cristau).
3 January 2008: babel 0.7
* Implemented support for IPv4.
* Fixed sending of unicast requests.
* Don't send poison when receiving a request for an unknown route.
* Basic filtering infrastructure.
* Removed support for broadcast IHU.
* Changed the behaviour of -d.
16 October 2007: babel 0.6
* Implemented resending of unsatisfied requests, with exponential backoff.
* Fixed a potential crash in the request handling code.
* Send IHUs more aggressively.
9 October 2007: babel 0.5
* Implemented forwarding of requests and replies.
* Fixed a bug that prevented requests from being parsed correctly.
* Fixed a bug that prevented IHU intervals from being sent.
* Respect reboot_time even after an id change.
* Deal with neighbours rebooting and losing their hello seqno when
computing link quality.
23 September 2007: babel 0.4
* Fixed incorrect expiration of old sources. This could prevent
convergence in some cases.
16 September 2007: babel 0.3
* Fixes to Mac OS X support (Grégoire Henry).
29 August 2007: babel 0.2
* Made jitter computation depend on how urgent a given message is.
This dramatically improves convergence speed, without increasing
network load.
* Fixed a bug that prevented neighbour associations from being
discarded at shutdown.
22 August 2007: babel 0.1
* Initial public release.
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