HTTP+JSON API hosted inside the 1993 DOOM engine!
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scar45 and jeff-1amstudios Fix compilation error and SDL sound buffer size (#15)
* Allocate large enough buffer for SDL_ConvertAudio
- Patch credit: chocolate-doom/chocolate-doom@bd954b9

* i_sdlsound.c: fix compilation with libsamplerate 0.1.9
- Patch credit: chocolate-doom/chocolate-doom@ffb5656
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An HTTP + JSON API hosted inside the 1993 DOOM engine!

RESTful-DOOM is a version of Doom which hosts a RESTful API! The API allows you to query and manipulate various game objects with standard HTTP requests as the game runs.

There were a few challenges:

  • Build an HTTP+JSON RESTful API server in C.
  • Run the server code inside the Doom engine, without breaking the game loop.
  • Figure out what kinds of things we can manipulate in the game world, and how to interact with them in memory to achieve the desired effect!

RESTFul-DOOM is built on top of the awesome Chocolate Doom project. I like this project because it aims to stick as close to the original experience as possible, while making it easy to compile and run on modern systems. This was only possible by building on top of their hard work!

More details in blog post:

API Spec

API spec in RAML 1.0 format


Building dependencies (needs to be run only once)

Takes care of building and configuring dependencies like SDL. Uses chocpkg.



Run make from the src (or root) directory. src/restful-doom will be created if the compile succeeds.


The DOOM engine is open source, but assets (art, maps etc) are not. You'll need to download an appropriate WAD file separately.

To run restful-doom on port 6666:

src/restful-doom -iwad <path/to/doom1.wad> -apiport 6666 ...


chocolate-doom team
cJSON - JSON parsing / generation
yuarel - URL parsing