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An awesome-sauce Python library for accessing the API. Sweet!
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Authorize Sauce

The secret sauce for accessing the API. The Authorize APIs for transactions, recurring payments, and saved payments are all different and awkward to use directly. Instead, you can use Authorize Sauce, which unifies all three APIs into one coherent Pythonic interface. Charge credit cards, easily!

>>> # Init the authorize client and a credit card
>>> from authorize import AuthorizeClient, CreditCard
>>> client = AuthorizeClient('285tUPuS', '58JKJ4T95uee75wd')
>>> cc = CreditCard('4111111111111111', '2018', '01', '911', 'Joe', 'Blow')
>>> card = client.card(cc)

>>> # Charge a card
>>> card.capture(100)
<AuthorizeTransaction 2171829470>

>>> # Save the card on Authorize servers for later
>>> saved_card =
>>> saved_card.uid

>>> # Use a saved card to auth a transaction, and settle later
>>> saved_card = client.saved_card('7713982|6743206')
>>> transaction = saved_card.auth(200)
>>> transaction.settle()

Saucy Features

  • Charge a credit card
  • Authorize a credit card charge, and settle it or release it later
  • Credit or refund to a card
  • Save a credit card securely on's servers
  • Use saved cards to charge, auth and credit
  • Create recurring charges, with billing cycles, trial periods, etc.

For the full documentation, please visit us at Read the Docs. Thanks to Chewse for supporting the development and open-sourcing of this library. Authorize Sauce is released under the MIT License.

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