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Java bindings for libwayland

This project aims to provide Java bindings to the Wayland backend library. It does so by a combination of auto-generated Java code and appropriate JNI bindings. The main purpose of wayland-java is to service the Android wayland server app that I am currently developing.

Current state of the library

The wayland-java library is useable, but I am not yet ready to make guarantees about API stability. There are probably a lot of bugs, but I welcome bug reports! It is working well enough to backend the bits of my app that I have working.

Building wayland-java locally

Building wayland-java locally is simple

  1. Make sure you have libwayland 1.3 or later installed
  2. Clone git://
  3. Run gradle install

Building wayland-java for Android

Building the library for Android requires a slight modification to the wayland source code. I hope to submitting patches to the wayland project soon so that it can be built unaltered. If you're brave enough to try and build wayland-java on Android, you need to do the following:

  1. Install both the android SDK and NDK and get them configured
  2. Clone git://
  3. Run git submodule init and git submodule update
  4. In the protocol/src/main/native/external/wayland directory, you have to modify the wayland source code to remove calls to signalfd and timerfd and their respective header files
  5. Make sure that the version of protocol/src/main/native/external/wayland is patched with this patch series
  6. Use the Android tools to update the build paths in the android subdirectory to your version of the Android SDK
  7. Run ant from inside the android subdirectory


Java bindings for libwayland




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