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The SEO tag will respect any of the following if included in your site's _config.yml (and simply not include them if they're not defined):

  • title - Your site's title (e.g., Ben's Awesome Site, The GitHub Blog, etc.), used as part of the title tag like Home | Ben's Awesome Site.

  • tagline - A short description (e.g., A blog dedicated to reviewing cat gifs), used as part of the title tag like Ben's Awesome Site | A blog dedicated to reviewing cat gifs instead of Ben's Awesome Site | Long description about a blog dedicated to reviewing cat gifs that would be used when page.title is not defined.

  • description - A longer description used for the description meta tag. Also used as fallback for pages that don't provide their own description, and also as part of the page's title tag if neither page.title nor site.tagline has been defined.

  • url - The full URL to your site. Note: site.github.url will be used by default.

  • author - global author information (see Advanced usage)

  • twitter - The following properties are available:

    • twitter:card - The site's default card type
    • twitter:username - The site's Twitter handle.

    You'll want to describe them like so:

      username: benbalter
      card: summary
  • facebook - The following properties are available:

    • facebook:app_id - a Facebook app ID for Facebook insights
    • facebook:publisher - a Facebook page URL or ID of the publishing entity
    • facebook:admins - a Facebook user ID for domain insights linked to a personal account

    You'll want to describe one or more like so:

      app_id: 1234
      publisher: 1234
      admins: 1234
  • logo - URL to a site-wide logo (e.g., /assets/your-company-logo.png) - If you would like the "publisher" property to be present, you must add this field to your site's configuration, during the validation of the structured data by Google Search Console, if the logo field is not validated, you will find errors inherent to the publisher in the Rich Results Testing Tool

  • social - For specifying social profiles. The following properties are available:

    • name - If the user or organization name differs from the site's name
    • links - An array of links to social media profiles.
      name: Ben Balter
  • google_site_verification for verifying ownership via Google Search Console

  • Alternatively, verify ownership with several services at once using the following format:

      google: 1234
      bing: 1234
      alexa: 1234
      yandex: 1234
      baidu: 1234
  • locale - The locale these tags are marked up in. Of the format language_TERRITORY. Default is en_US. Takes priority over existing config key lang.

The SEO tag will respect the following YAML front matter if included in a post, page, or document:

  • title - The title of the post, page, or document
  • description - A short description of the page's content
  • image - URL to an image associated with the post, page, or document (e.g., /assets/page-pic.jpg)
  • author - Page-, post-, or document-specific author information (see Advanced usage)
  • locale - Page-, post-, or document-specific locale information. Takes priority over existing front matter attribute lang.

Note: Front matter defaults can be used for any of the above values as described in advanced usage with an image example.