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Remoting Work directory

In Remoting work directory is an internal data storage, which may be used by Remoting to store caches, logs and other metadata.

Remoting work directory is available starting from Remoting 3.8, which is available in Jenkins 2.68). Before this version there was no working directory concept in the library itself; all operations were managed by library users (e.g. Jenkins agent workspaces).

Before Remoting 3.8 (Jenkins 2.68)

  • There is no work directory management in Remoting itself
  • Logs are not being persisted to the disk unless -slaveLog option is specified
  • JAR Cache is being stored in ${user.home}/.jenkins unless -jarCache option is specified

After Remoting 3.8 (Jenkins 2.68)

Due to compatibility reasons, Remoting retains the legacy behavior by default. Work directory can be enabled using the -workDir option in CLI.

Once the option is enabled, Remoting starts using the following structure:

  |_ ${INTERNAL_DIR} - defined by '-internalDir', 'remoting' by default
    |_ jarCache - JAR Cache
    |_ logs     - Remoting logs
    |_ ...      - Other directories contributed by library users

Structure of the logs directory depends on the logging settings. See this page for more information.

Migrating to work directories in Jenkins

❗️ Remoting does not perform migration from the previous structure, because it cannot identify potential external users of the data.

Once the -workDir flag is enabled in Remoting, admins are expected to do the following:

  1. Remove the ${user.home}/.jenkins directory if there is no other Remoting instances running under the same user.
  2. Consider upgrading configurations of agents in order to enable Work Directories
  • SSH agents can be configured in agent settings.
  • JNLP agents should be started with the -workDir parameter.
  • See JENKINS-44108 for more information about changes in Jenkins plugins, which enable work directories by default.