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# This is configuration file for font builder and other support scripts.
# Format is descriped below.
# css-prefix: "icon-" # prefix for css-generated classes
# demo-columns: 4 # used for html demo page generation
# font: # all vars from here will be used as font
# # params in fontforge
# ... #
# glyphs:
# - glyph1_file: # file name, without extention
# code: 0xNNN # Symbol code 0x - hex
# css: icon-gpyph1-name # For generated CSS
# search: [word1, word2] # Search aliases (array). CSS name will be
# # included automatically
# Mapping rules:
# 1. Downshift 1Fxxx -> Fxxx, because 1Fxxx codes not shown in Chrome/Opera
css-prefix: "icon-"
demo-columns: 4
version: "1.0"
fontname: Entypo
fullname: Entypo
familyname: Entypo
copyright: Copyright (C) 2012 by Daniel Bruce
ascent: 1638
descent: 410
weight: Medium
- add-contact-add-user:
code: 0xe001
css: user-add
search: [profile, contact, user, add]
- address:
code: 0xe002
css: address
search: [address]
- add-to-list:
code: 0xe003
css: list-add
search: [add, list]
- alert:
# 0x1f514
code: 0x1f514
css: bell
search: [alert, bell, jingle]
- attach:
code: 0xe004
css: attach
search: [attach, clip]
- back:
code: 0xe005
css: back
search: [back]
- back-alt:
code: 0xe035
css: back-alt
search: [back]
- block:
# 0x1f6ab
code: 0x1f6ab
css: block
search: [block, deny]
- broadcast:
code: 0xe006
css: wifi
search: [broadcast, wifi]
- calendar:
# 0x1f4c5
code: 0x1f4c5
css: calendar
search: [calendar]
- camera:
# 0x1f4f7
code: 0xf4f7
css: camera
search: [camera, photo]
- center-crosshair:
# 0x1f3af
code: 0xf3af
css: target
search: [target]
- chat:
code: 0xe007
css: chat
search: [chat, talk]
- check-not-ok:
code: 0x2715
css: close
search: [close, cancel]
- check-ok:
code: 0x2713
css: check
search: [check, mark]
- close-circle:
code: 0x2716
css: cancel
search: [cancel, close]
- comment:
code: 0xe008
css: comment
search: [comment, reply]
- compass:
code: 0xe009
css: compass
search: [compass]
- contact-card:
code: 0xe00a
css: vcard
search: [contact, card, vcard]
- contact-user:
# 0x1f464
code: 0xf464
css: user
search: [profile, contact, user]
- contacts-users:
# 0x1f465
code: 0xf465
css: users
search: [users, contacts, friends]
- direction:
code: 0xe00b
css: direction
search: [direction]
- email:
code: 0x2709
css: mail
search: [mail, email]
- export:
code: 0xe00c
css: export
search: [export]
- flag:
code: 0x2691
css: flag
search: [flag]
- flash:
code: 0x26a1
css: flash
search: [flash, bolt]
- flight:
code: 0x2708
css: flight
search: [flight, plane, airplane]
- forward:
code: 0x27a6
css: forward
search: [forward]
- google-circles:
code: 0xe00d
css: google-circles
search: [google, circles]
- heart:
code: 0x2665
css: heart
search: [heart]
- heart-outlined:
code: 0x2661
css: heart-empty
search: [heart]
- help:
code: 0x2753
css: help
search: [help]
- help-circle:
code: 0xe00e
css: help-circle
search: [help]
- image-list:
code: 0x268f
css: image-list
search: [image, list]
- info:
code: 0x2139
css: info
search: [info]
- info-circle:
code: 0xe00f
css: info-circle
search: [info]
- leaf:
# 0x1f342
code: 0xf342
css: leaf
search: [leaf]
- level-down:
code: 0x21b3
css: level-down
search: [down]
- lifebuoy:
code: 0xe010
css: lifebuoy
search: [lifebuoy]
- like-thumbs-up:
# 0x1f4dd
code: 0xf4dd
css: thumbs-up
search: [thumbs, up, like, vote]
- link:
# 0x1f517
code: 0xf517
css: link
search: [link, url]
- list:
code: 0x2630
css: list
search: [list]
- location:
code: 0xe011
css: location
search: [location, marker]
- lock:
# 0x1f512
code: 0xf512
css: lock
search: [lock]
- map:
code: 0xe012
css: map
search: [down]
- mic:
# 0x1f3a4
code: 0xf3a4
css: mic
search: [mic]
- minus:
code: 0x2796
css: minus
search: [minus]
- minus-circle:
code: 0xe013
css: minus-circle
search: [minus]
- mobile:
# 0x1f4f1
code: 0xf4f1
css: mobile
search: [mobile, iphone]
- mouse-website:
code: 0xe014
css: mouse
search: [mouse, website]
- movie:
# 0x1f3ac
code: 0xf3ac
css: film
search: [movie, video]
- music:
# 0x1f3b5
code: 0xf3b5
css: music
search: [music, note]
- offer-price-tag:
code: 0xe015
css: tag
search: [tag, price, offer]
- palette:
# 0x1f3a8
code: 0xf3a8
css: palette
search: [palette]
- phone:
# 0x1f4de
code: 0xf4de
css: phone
search: [phone, telephone]
- plus:
code: 0x2795
css: plus
search: [plus]
- plus-circle:
code: 0xe016
css: plus-circle
search: [plus]
- print:
code: 0xe017
css: print
search: [print]
- quote:
code: 0x275e
css: quote-right
search: [quote]
- reload-CCW:
code: 0x27f2
css: reload-ccw
search: [reload]
- reload-CW:
code: 0x27f3
css: reload-cw
search: [reload]
- reply:
code: 0xe018
css: reply
search: [reply]
- reply-to-all:
code: 0xe019
css: reply-all
search: [reply]
- retweet:
code: 0xe01a
css: retweet
search: [retweet]
- rss:
code: 0xe01b
css: rss
search: [rss]
- classic-search:
# 0x1f50d
code: 0xf50d
css: search
search: [search, find]
- search:
# 0x1f50e
code: 0xf50e
css: search-alt
search: [search, find]
- settings:
code: 0x2699
css: settings
search: [settings, cog]
- share:
code: 0xe01c
css: share
search: [share]
- shopping-bag:
code: 0xe000
css: shopping-cart
search: [basket, shopping, cart]
- shuffle:
# 0x1f500
code: 0xf500
css: shuffle
search: [shuffle]
- sleep:
code: 0x263d
css: moon
search: [moon, sleep]
- star:
code: 0x2605
css: star
search: [star]
- star-outlined:
code: 0x2606
css: star-empty
search: [star]
- time-clock:
# 0x1f554
code: 0xf554
css: clock
search: [clock, time]
- time-glass:
code: 0x23f3
css: hourglass
search: [clock, hourglass, busy, wait]
- top-list:
# 0x1f3c9
code: 0xf3c9
css: top-list
search: [top, trophy]
- unlocked:
# 0x1f513
code: 0xf513
css: lock-open
search: [lock, unlock]
- view-eye:
code: 0xe01d
css: eye
search: [eye, subscribe]
- warning:
code: 0x26a0
css: warning
search: [warning]
- write-new:
code: 0x2703
css: pencil
search: [pencil, write]
- archive:
code: 0xe01e
css: archive
search: [archive]
# Arrows
- down-circle-arrow:
code: 0xe020
css: arrow-down-circle2
search: [arrow, down]
- left-circle-arrow:
code: 0xe021
css: arrow-left-circle2
search: [arrow, left]
- right-circle-arrow:
code: 0xe022
css: arrow-right-circle2
search: [arrow, right]
- up-circle-arrow:
code: 0xe023
css: arrow-up-circle2
search: [arrow, up]
# Arrows
- open-arrow-down:
code: 0xe024
css: arrow-down-open
search: [arrow, down]
- open-arrow-left:
code: 0xe025
css: arrow-left-open
search: [arrow, left]
- open-arrow-right:
code: 0xe026
css: arrow-right-open
search: [arrow, right]
- open-arrow-up:
code: 0xe027
css: arrow-up-open
search: [arrow, up]
# Arrows
- thin-arrow-down:
code: 0x2b07
css: arrow-down-thin
search: [arrow, down]
- thin-arrow-left:
code: 0x2b05
css: arrow-left-thin
search: [arrow, left]
- thin-arrow-right:
code: 0x27a1
css: arrow-right-thin
search: [arrow, right]
- thin-arrow-up:
code: 0x2b06
css: arrow-up-thin
search: [arrow, up]
# Arrows
- direction-arrow-down:
code: 0x25be
css: arrow-down-dir
search: [arrow, down]
- direction-arrow-left:
code: 0x25c2
css: arrow-left-dir
search: [arrow, left]
- direction-arrow-right:
code: 0x25b8
css: arrow-right-dir
search: [arrow, right]
- direction-arrow-up:
code: 0x25b4
css: arrow-up-dir
search: [arrow, up]
# Arrows
- bold-down-arrow:
code: 0xe4b0
css: arrow-down-bold
search: [arrow, down]
- bold-left-arrow:
code: 0xe4ad
css: arrow-left-bold
search: [arrow, left]
- bold-right-arrow:
code: 0xe4ae
css: arrow-right-bold
search: [arrow, right]
- bold-up-arrow:
code: 0xe4af
css: arrow-up-bold
search: [arrow, up]
# Arrows
- down-arrow:
code: 0x2193
css: arrow-down
search: [arrow, down]
- left-arrow:
code: 0x2190
css: arrow-left
search: [arrow, left]
- right-arrow:
code: 0x2192
css: arrow-right
search: [arrow, right]
- up-arrow:
code: 0x2191
css: arrow-up
search: [arrow, up]
# Progress
- charge-empty:
code: 0xe030
css: progress-0
search: [progress, charge]
- charge-one-third:
code: 0xe031
css: progress-1
search: [progress, charge]
- charge-two-thirds:
code: 0xe032
css: progress-2
search: [progress, charge]
- charge-full:
code: 0xe033
css: progress-3
search: [progress, charge]
# Player
- play:
code: 0x25b6
css: play
search: [play, player]
- stop:
code: 0x25aa
css: stop
search: [stop, player]
- paus:
code: 0x2389
css: pause
search: [pause, player]
- record:
code: 0x26ab
css: record
search: [record, player]
- jump-to-end:
code: 0x23ed
css: right-end
search: [right, player]
- jump-to-start:
code: 0x23ee
css: left-start
search: [left, player]
- fast-forward:
code: 0x23e9
css: right-ff
search: [right, player]
- fast-backward:
code: 0x23ea
css: left-fb
search: [left, player]
- book:
# 0x1f4d6
code: 0xf4d6
css: book-open
search: [book]
- bookmark:
# 0x1f516
code: 0xf516
css: bookmark
search: [bookmark]
- battery:
# 0x1f50b
code: 0xf50b
css: battery
search: [battery]
- back-in-time:
code: 0xe040
css: back-in-time
search: [back, time]
- home:
code: 0x2302
css: home
search: [home]
- dot:
code: 0xe050
css: dot
search: [dot]
- dots-two:
code: 0xe051
css: dot-2
search: [dot]
- dots-three:
code: 0xe052
css: dot-3
search: [dot]
- light-bulb:
# 0x1f4a1
code: 0xf4a1
css: lamp
search: [idea, lamp, light]
- light-down:
# 0x1f505
code: 0xf505
css: light-down
search: [light, dim, bright]
- light-up:
# 0x1f506
code: 0xf506
css: light-up
search: [light, dim, bright]
- trash:
code: 0xe0da
css: trash
search: [trash]
- document:
code: 0xe048
css: doc
search: [doc, article]
- documents:
code: 0xe049
css: docs
search: [doc, article]
- landscape-documents:
code: 0xe04a
css: docs-landscape
search: [doc, article]
- text-document:
# 0x1f4c4
code: 0xf4c4
css: doc-text
search: [doc, text, article]
# Sound
- mute:
# 0x1f507
code: 0xf507
css: volume-off
search: [volume, sound, mute]
- sound:
# 0x1f50a
code: 0xf50a
css: volume-up
search: [volume, sound]
- volume:
code: 0xe057
css: volume
search: [volume, sound]
- cloud:
code: 0x2601
css: cloud
search: [cloud]
- keyboard:
code: 0x2328
css: keyboard
search: [keyboard]
- folder:
# 0x1f4c1
code: 0xf4c1
css: folder
search: [folder]
- download:
code: 0xe042
css: download
search: [download]
- upload:
code: 0xe043
css: upload
search: []
- upload-to-cloud:
code: 0xe045
css: upload-cloud
search: [upload, cloud]
# Editor markup
- code:
code: 0xe05f
css: code
search: [code]
- popup:
code: 0xe060
css: popup
search: [popup]
- publish:
code: 0xe061
css: publish
search: [publish]
- feather:
code: 0xe062
css: feather
search: [pen, feather]
- full-screen:
code: 0xe063
css: resize-full
search: [resize, fullscreen]
- small-screen:
code: 0xe064
css: resize-small
search: [resize]
- globe:
code: 0xe065
css: globe
search: [globe]
- vinyl-record:
# 0x1f4bf
code: 0xf4bf
css: cd
search: [cd, vinyl]
- tv-screen:
# 0x1f4bb
code: 0xf4bb
css: monitor
search: [tv, screen, monitor]
- image:
# 0x1f304
code: 0xf304
css: image
search: [image]
- select-box-arrow:
code: 0xe058
css: arrow-combo
search: [arrow]
- browser:
code: 0xe059
css: window
search: [window]
- song:
code: 0xe05a
css: song
search: [song, music, sound]
- inbox:
code: 0xe05b
css: inbox
search: [inbox]
- install:
code: 0xe05c
css: install
search: [install]
- suitecase:
code: 0xe05d
css: bag
search: [bag]
- suitcase-alt:
code: 0xe06d
css: bag-alt
search: [bag]
- network:
code: 0xe05e
css: net
search: [net]
- creative-commons:
code: 0xe183
css: cc
search: [creative, commons]
- entypo-square:
code: 0xe180
css: logo-entypo
search: []
- sweden:
code: 0xe181
css: flag-sw
search: []
- db-signature:
code: 0xe182
css: logo-db
search: []