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Angular and TypeScript Workshop

The Angular and TypeScript workshop is a full day workshop written and presented by @JeremyLikness for DevNexus 2017. The workshop leverages cross-platform solutions so developers on any of the major (Windows, Linux, and OSX) platforms can take advantage of it. Prior knowledge and experience with web applications and JavaScript is highly recommended to get the most out of the workshop. It is designed to benefit users who have no Angular exposure as well as those familiar with Angular 1.x. Successful installation of the prerequisites is important to complete prior to the workshop to ensure the best possible experience (this will help minimize any potential issues with Wi-Fi availability and bandwidth).


The following cross-platform resources will be required to participate in this workshop:

Node.js environment (LTS 6.x): Install from this Link

Tested on Node version 6.9.4 and NPM version 3.10.5

After installing Node.js, install the Angular-CLI with this command (to keep versions in sync):

npm i -g angular-cli@1.0.0-beta.24

Note: after this course was created, the Angular CLI was moved from angular-cli to @angular/cli. The former version still works and should be used for this workshop, as the new CLI version has not been tested with this workshop as of Feb 20 2017. You can safely ignore the errors about it being deprecated for now.

Visual Studio Code Interactive Development Environment (IDE): Install from this Link

Optional Container Platform: Docker Install from this Link

You may want to look ahead and complete the initial set up and npm install steps for various modules to pre-load the dependent packages and save development time during the workshop.

Make a few starter projects like this:

ng new devnexus-ts-ng2

ng new dependency-injection

ng new data-binding

ng new reactive

ng new ng-routing

ng new ng-redux

ng new services

Note: This repository contains several projects in their finished state. If you wish to pull down an initial version that you can use as a starting point, use commit 56c194d. Many of the labs involve transitory states to teach functionality in an iterative fashion. Although you can run the existing labs, it is recommended you walk through the code tutorials to receive the full benefit. For the existing labs, change to the root directory of any given lab and run npm install then ng serve to view the lab. For the labs you work on, it is suggested you create your own parent level folder, i.e. lab, to run the labs from (so you will end up with lab\devnexus-ts-ng2 and lab\dependency-injection etc.)

Each step of each lab was committed as an atomic unit, so if you wish to see the app at any state of the workshop, browse the commits and pull the state you desire.

If you are having issues with your local environment, consider using the Angular-CLI Container and note the instructions on mounting the appropriate folder.


The following modules will be covered in the workshop.

01 Angular Intro (30 minutes)

A quick background introduction to Angular, its history, and its use in modern web applications.

Click here for the lab

05 Angular "Hello, World." (30 minutes)

A quick and easy Angular project.

Click here for the lab


The project in JavaScript.


The project in TypeScript.

10 Angular-CLI (20 minutes)

A command line tool to scaffold and rapidly develop Angular 2 apps.

Click here for the lab

15 TypeScript (1 hour)

A quick introduction to TypeScript and its various benefits.

Click here for the lab

20 Components, Directives, and Pipes (30 minutes)

Getting started with the basics.

Click here for the lab

25 Dependency Injection (30 minutes)

Understanding lifetime and providers.

Click here for the lab

30 Data-Binding (30 minutes)

How data flows from parents through to children.

Click here for the lab

35 Asynchronous Operations and RxJS (30 minutes)

Working with Observable and understanding asynchronous operations, including the Http Module.

Click here for the lab

40 Routing (30 minutes)

How to use journaling, bookmarks, and query string data in Angular with the Routing Moudle.

Click here for the lab

45 Angular with Redux (45 minutes)

State management in Angular applications using Redux.

Click here for the lab

50 Angular Testing (20 minutes)

Better understanding Angular Unit tests and workflow.

Click here for the lab

55 Angular and Docker (30 minutes)

How to containerize Angular apps and dependencies.

Click here for the lab


Have questions? Reach out to Jeremy via the contact form on his blog.


Angular and TypeScript workshop initially developed for DevNexus 2017






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