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AR.js - Augmented Reality for the Web

Logo by Simon Poulter

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AR.js is a lightweight library for Augmented Reality on the Web, coming with features like Marker based and Location based AR.

⚠️ This project repository has been moved to a Github organization account ⚠️

You can find the maintened version of AR.js at this link.

The old repository (the one you are now) will be left up, so all links and CDNs will continue to be available, but this version will not be updated anymore.

⚠️ AR.js repository has been moved, please check it out at: ⚠️

Please, open issues and Pull Requests on the new repository:

Thank you.

Why move AR.js

AR.js was among those great projects, with great technologies, often disruptive ones, that eventually were lacking from documentation and support.

We tried to carry on the author's terrific work by maintaining this project, handling new versions, issues, pull requests, the community itself. We continued promoting this project through blogs, Medium articles, socials. And we released new features, like the Location Based AR that was not initially present on AR.js.

Now, that we are also ready to ship a new feature, Image Tracking, we feel ready to start a new path, and so we have created a new repository that is not owned by individuals, but by one organization.

Anyone can be added to it, and more people will manage it, in order to make the project more collaborative and avoid "bottlenecks".

We feel this is a new chapter for this project, to not let it die alone. We feel the current Web Augmented Reality market really needed something like AR.js, but only if owned by no-one apart from the community itself. A technology free and Open Source, created by users for the users.

We'd like to thank all contributors and passionate people who help us in this journey.

On the new repository, you will find all the feature you already had here, plus:

  • Image Tracking feature
  • more examples to learn by doing
  • a new, contributive place to get started
  • a new Documentation.

See you on new AR.js org.

Nicolò Carpignoli

AR.js is a free and Open Source software, created by @jeromeetienne and maintained by @nicolocarpignoli. Check the LICENSE.txt to learn more.