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Version 0.3

Added insert operations on connection, collection and model. For example:

user = new User(name: "Assaf")
User.insert user
console.log "Inserted #{user._id}"

posts = connect().find("posts")
posts.insert { title: "New and exciting" }, { safe: true }, (error, post)->
  console.log "Inserted #{post._id}"

connect().insert "posts", title: "Directly to connection"

Added support for hooks with callbacks. afterLoad becomes a hook. For example:

class User
  @afterLoad (callback)->
    # Example. You don't really want to do this, since it will make 1+N queries.
    Author.find @author_id, (error, author)=>
      @author = author
      callback error

Version 0.2 2011-11-24

This is a complete rewrite based on some ideas I haven't seen anywhere else.

Tell me this is not awesome:

class User extends Model
  @collection "users"

  @field "name", String

  @field "password", String
  @set "password", (clear)->
    @_.password = crypt(clear)

  @field "email", String

  @get "posts", ->
    Post.where(author_id: @_id)

me = User.where(name: "Assaf") (error, user)->
  console.log "Loaded #{}"
  user.posts.count (error, count)->
    console.log "Published #{count} posts"
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