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Baïkal is a lightweight CalDAV + CardDAV server based on PHP, SQLite and SabreDAV

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1. About this package

This package contains a release of Baïkal. Go to to get more information about this package, and upgrades.

2. What is Baïkal ?

Baïkal is an open source lightweight CalDAV and CardDAV server. It's developped by Jérôme Schneider and based on the excellent SabreDAV project. Baïkal is distributed under the GPL license.

To get more info about the GPL license, visit

3. Baïkal requirements

Baïkal is based on PHP 5.3.1+, and uses a SQLite3 or MySQL with PHP PDO. For more information regarding these requirements see the file in this folder.

4. What should you do if you have a problem ?

  1. Read the available documentation carefully

  2. Search the web carefully about Baïkal CalDAV CardDAV

  3. If you have identified a genuine new bug, report it at

5. How to install / configure Baïkal

Please read in this folder.

6. How to configure my CalDAV / CardDAV client ?

Please read in this folder.

7. How to upgrade my Baïkal server to a new version ?

Please read in this folder.

8. Troubleshooting

Please read in this folder.

9. Credits

Baïkal is developed by Jérôme Schneider. Jérôme Schneider (@jeromeschneider) is admin and lead developer. Many thanks to Daniel Aleksandersen (@zcode) for greatly improving the quality of the project page ( Much appreciated, Daniel :)

-- Jérôme Schneider Mon, 21 Aug 2012 12:17:00 +0100

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