@mgajdos mgajdos released this Feb 13, 2015 · 32 commits to master since this release

Release date: 11-Feb-2015


  • Thanks to @cowwoc you're able to run Jersey 1.x applications on JDK8
  • @japod improved CDI support (also present in 1.18.x releases) – Extension Lookup, Multiple Jersey WARs in an EAR and added Priority annotation
  • JAX-RS 1.1 is now not part of Jersey Core module. Spec library is still a transitive dependency of the module but classes are not directly bundled into Jersey Core

(Possible) Breaking Changes

As mentioned above, JAX-RS 1.1 APIs are no longer directly bundled into Jersey Core module which means that users have to explicitly add jsr311-api.jar to their projects. This does not apply to users whose projects are based on Maven/Gradle as JAX-RS 1.1 API are still a transitive dependency of Jersey Core module.

Pull Requests

  • [Pull Request #13] – JERSEY-2429 – JDK 8 support
  • [Pull Request #10] – JERSEY-2632 – Deleting the tempfile used to validate write access to the temp folder
  • [Pull Request #3] – JERSEY-2293 – Adding support for encoding Unicode Astral characters included in Uri parts


  • [JERSEY-2028] - GZIPContentEncodingFilter leaks input stream for invalid GZIP response
  • [JERSEY-2293] - Astral Unicode characters included in uri parts are not properly encoded
  • [JERSEY-2429] - JDK8 support
  • [JERSEY-2632] - Client.create() creates temporal file MIMEXXX.tmp in Jersey 1.x


  • [JERSEY-2186] - ApacheHttpClient4Handler not using per client/per user strategy as recommended by httpcomponents
  • [JERSEY-2446] - WadlGeneratorResourceDocSupport can clean references


  • [JERSEY-2279] - MultiPartReaderClientSide.java causes exception on (Google Appengine) GAE
  • [JERSEY-2363] - Repackage ASM lib in Jersey 1.x server module to get rid of the current external ASM lib dependency.