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1.3101: Sat Apr 25 16:15:09 EDT 2009
- a few tweaks and bug fixes (mostly doc bugs)
- added new meta.yml stuff
- I used a perl 5.8 syntax in my Makefile.PL
- although, I think this should work in perl 5.6
+ hrm, looks like IPC::System::Simple doesn't work under
5.6, at some point they started using the "use if WINDOWS"
syntax, which I think is from later perls.
1.300_000: Tue May 27 12:09:33 EDT 2008
- The autoloader was kinda crappy
- There were whitespace bugs
- I hate M::B and went back to EU::MM
(so I also ditched
1.2.1: Mon May 26 15:44:35 EDT 2008
- I might as well do a new version of everything using while I wait for all my CPAN deletes to go
through. I just discovered that doesn't/didn't
go core until perl 5.9... I really wish I'd have prereqed
it everywhere I used it, but I didn't. *sigh*
1.2.0: Sat May 24 09:53:04 EDT 2008
- using as suggested by Andreas Koenig
- making the module slightly less platform dependent.