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How to use Sortah

First, I reccommend the following setup. In your $HOME directory, create a file called '.sortah/', and beneath that, create 'rc', then execute the command

ln -s .sortah/rc .sortahrc 

from your $HOME directory to link the .sortahrc file to the "real" rc file. Next, I would initialize a git repo (or whatever VCS you prefer) in the .sortah directory, and add your rc to it.

Next, create an rvmrc file in the sortah directory with a gemset of 'sortahrc' (or whatever you prefer), this is where you will marshall all your dependencies for sortah -- at the moment, it's only going to be one. You can use bundler for this if you like, but if you just need vanilla sortah, it may be worth just using gem to install sortah and eliminate the bundler overhead, YMMV.

Now that we've done that, we can wire up our getmailrc to point to sortah, as follows:

type = MDA_external
path = $HOME/.sortah/
arguments = ("--log-errors", )

Where path should point to your .sortah directory. Next, we need to create the starter script,, this should look like:

rvm 1.9.2@sortahrc exec sortah $@

then run

chmod a+x ~/.sortah/

This wraps the sortah executable so that we can always call it in the context of the sortahrc gemset -- if you install this directly to your system, then this shouldn't be necessary.

Once you've done this, getmail should automatically use sortah to sort your email, now you just need to write your sortah definitions in the ~/.sortah/rc file!

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