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Welcome to MissingH

MissingH is a large collection of assorted utility libraries for Haskell. Its primary audience is Haskell programmers that want to get practical things done fast.

It also serves as a staging area of sorts for useful, general-purpose Haskell code. This could be code that may eventually wind up in base Haskell libraries, or it could grow into a library in its own and be forked off. Or it could remain in MissingH indefinitely.

But that doesn’t mean that MissingH is of low quality. It is backed by a rigorous unit test suite and comprehensive documentation.

This software was written by John Goerzen. If you like it, you can send a few dollars my way via my tip jar, though that is certainly optional and doesn’t buy you anything.

Starting Points

Downloads: Source and Binaries

  • Source downloads are available from the MissingH Hackage pagescroll all the way down to find them there
  • The latest development trees are available via the MissingH Github Project Page and with Git
  • You can find Debian packages from the MissingH Debian Page.
  • RPMs and packages for many other Linux and BSD distributions are also included with your distribution.

Contributing to MissingH

You can always download the source from the Downloads page and attach diffs. But it’s far better, both for you and for me, if you use Git. See for more information.

Mailing List

I encourage the use of the haskell-cafe mailing list for questions and discussions about MissingH. Gmane has made available excellent archives of this list as well.

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