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A Sinatra blogging app for the classy developer.

Eridu is heavily inspired by Enki. Coders know that hacking code, not checking preference boxes or installing plugins, is the easiest and best way to customize something. For this, you need a clean, simple, easy to understand code base. Eridu seeks a balance between simplicity and utility.

Quick Start

git clone git:// eridu
cd eridu
bundle install    # Install all the required gems

# Copy and edit configuration files to taste
cp config/database.yml.template config/database.yml
cp config/eridu.yml.template config/eridu.yml

rake db:migrate   # Initialize or update the database
ruby eridu.rb     # Start the server at http://localhost:4567


  • Sinatra is perfect for this; Ruby on Rails is overkill
  • /yyyy/mm/dd/post-title is a good URL for your posts
  • Atom is a good publishing protocol
  • Google does search better than you or I
  • You don’t need a plugin system when you’ve got a lean, clean code base
  • OpenID is better than yet-another-auth system
  • Textile is awesome
  • Everyone wants live comment preview, reCAPTCHA’d comments, email notifications, media upload, responsive layout, and syntax highlighting
  • Few really want multiple sites, authors, skins and arcane templating languages
  • You should be running Ruby 1.9

Framework choices aside, Eridu differs from its progenitor, Enki, mainly in the number of bundled features. These include reCAPTCHA spam protection, email notifications, a responsive layout, simple media management, and syntax highlighting. While Enki leaves these “extras” as an exercise to the reader, Eridu pragmatically includes these de facto necessities.

Enabling Optional Features

Several of the above features require configuration and are necessarily disabled by default. To enable them, look in config/recaptcha.yml.template and config/mail.yml.template.

Syntax Highlighting with Coderay Plugin for Textile

# Single line
@[ruby]puts "It's ruby codez!"@

# Multi-line
bc[ruby].. puts "It's ruby codez!"
puts "and more"

puts "and more"

p. Back to a Textile paragraph


Tested on MySQL, Postgres, and SQLite. Heroku should be possible, but is untested.

Enki and Eridu are so similar that rake db:migrate:enki easily converts an Enki database to Eridu (it will leave some unused tables and columns behind, though). Also their URL structures are identical, so your existing links and page rankings won’t even notice.


Apache – See LICENSE

Admin design heavily inspired by Enki and Habari

Front-end design heavily inspired by and Dorothy

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