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#! /bin/csh
# Combines Source Files. In terminal, sh
# It will put a new video.js file under dist/
# Create dist directory if it doesn't already exist
mkdir -p dist
# FILES=../src/*
# for f in $FILES
# do
# echo "Processing $f file..."
# # take action on each file. $f store current file name
# cat $f
# done
cat src/_begin.js > dist/video.js
cat src/core.js >> dist/video.js
cat src/lib.js >> dist/video.js
cat src/json.js >> dist/video.js
cat src/events.js >> dist/video.js
cat src/component.js >> dist/video.js
cat src/player.js >> dist/video.js
cat src/tech.js >> dist/video.js
cat src/tech/html5.js >> dist/video.js
cat src/tech/flash.js >> dist/video.js
cat src/tech/youtube.js >> dist/video.js
cat src/tech/vimeo.js >> dist/video.js
cat src/controls.js >> dist/video.js
cat src/tracks.js >> dist/video.js
# h5swf temporarily requires swfobject
# cat flash/swfobject.js >> dist/video.js
cat src/setup.js >> dist/video.js
cat src/_end.js >> dist/video.js
# Copy Files
cp design/video-js.css dist/video-js.css
cp design/video-js.png dist/video-js.png
cp flash/video-js.swf dist/video-js.swf
cp build/release-files/ dist/
cp build/release-files/demo.html dist/demo.html
cp build/release-files/youtube.html dist/youtube.html
cp LGPLv3-LICENSE.txt dist/LGPLv3-LICENSE.txt
java -jar build/lib/yuicompressor-2.4.7.jar dist/video.js -o dist/video.min.js
java -jar build/lib/yuicompressor-2.4.7.jar dist/video-js.css -o dist/video-js.min.css
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