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How to use

  1. Make sure the bot's user account is an approved submitter or a mod on the subreddit you wish to have the bot leave messages.

  2. Create a list of users to be paged on the subreddit you wish to use for paging, at /r/{{subreddit}}/wiki/pagelist. This list must be one user per line, with blank lines in between to display as separate paragraphs. Ensure the bot has permission to read the wiki. This can be done either by inviting the bot to be a moderator with wiki permissions, or by making the wiki publicly visible.

  3. Call the bot by ending a message with "+/u/ParliamentPageBot {{subreddit}} [{{message}}]". {{subreddit}} may be changed for the name of the subreddit whose paging list you want to page. {{message}} will be swapped out for the message appended to the page. Ensure to keep the square brackets in tact. Multiple {{subreddit}}s may be included in a single message. You can substitute the word "here" if the subreddit whose pagelist you want to page is the same as the one on which the bot is being summoned.

    For instance, the Purple party might maintain a list of all its users at /r/PurpleParty/wiki/pagelist, and also have a separate subreddit for its executive. This executive might have a pagelist at /r/PurpleExecutive/wiki/pagelist. If there is a post on /r/PurpleParty that someone wants to bring to the attention of all the Purple party members, they would end their post with "+/u/ParliamentPageBot here [to bring this to attention]". If there was a post on /r/PurpleParty that they wish to bring only to the attention of the executive, they could write "+/u/ParliamentPageBot /r/PurpleExecutive [to notify the execs]".

    Similarly, in /r/Parliament, a user might want to bring something to the attention of both the Red and Blue party executives, so they might write a message such as "+/u/ParliamentPageBot /r/RedExec /r/BlueExec [for bipartisan support]".

How to run your own

  1. Install PRAW 4 or later. See the PRAW website for instructions.

  2. Created a Reddit authorised app here

  3. Give the bot a name of your choosing, set its type to "script", leave the about url blank. Add a description if you want, and set the redirect uri to http://localhost:8080.

  4. Make a note of the client_id, which is the number found under the words "personal use script", under the name of your bot, once you have created the app. Also note your secret.

  5. Create a praw.ini file in the same directory as this application, formatted as shown at the end of this file.

  6. Run the script and leave it running. Exit using ^c or by closing the Python instance.

username: <username>
password: <password>
client_id: <client_id>
client_secret: <secret>
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