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An IRC adapter for Lita.

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lita-irc is an adapter for Lita that allows you to use the robot with IRC.


Add lita-irc to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-irc"


All attributes set on config.adapter will be passed on to the underlying Cinch robot. The documentation for Cinch's options detail all of them.

The attributes listed below are either fundamental to making the bot work, or have defaults provided by Lita that take precedence over Cinch's defaults.

Required attributes

  • server (String) - The name of the IRC server Lita should connect to. Default: nil.
  • channels (Array) - An array of channels Lita should join upon connection. Default: nil.

Optional attributes

  • user (String) - The username for Lita's IRC account. Default: `"Lita"".
  • password (String) - The password for Lita's IRC account. Default: nil.
  • realname (String) - The "real name" field for Lita's IRC account. Default: "Lita".

Lita-specific attributes

  • log_level (Symbol) - Sets the log level for Cinch's loggers. By default, Cinch's loggers are disabled. Default: nil.

Note: is used as Lita's IRC nickname. config.adapter.nick is ignored.


Lita.configure do |config| = "Lita"
  config.robot.adapter = :irc
  config.adapter.server = ""
  config.adapter.channels = ["#litabot"]
  config.adapter.user = "Lita"
  config.adapter.realname = "Lita"
  config.adapter.password = "secret"


The IRC adapter will trigger the :connected and :disconnected events when the robot has connected and disconnected from IRC, respectively. There is no payload data for either event.



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