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No DNS Connection #385

Stroker89 opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Hey guys,

i have the latest TLP running and an second server which is my dns with dnsmasq. I forwarded on the dns to my TLP server. If i try the dns on my pc everything seems fine. Ping to the guzzoni Server resolving my TLP ip-adress. Same on all devices i try the dns.

iPhone 5: Siri gives a answer but nothing happend on the TLP Server...

iPhone 4S: Siri aborted instantly the request and nothing happend

iPhone 4S with siri4S: Directconnection to the Server works fine and the keys were saved.

What can i do to make the feed via DNS available?



Try 'apt-get --purge remove bind9'
then 'service dnsmasq restart'

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