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Erltrek: Star Trek Game in Erlang

  • Requirement: Erlang/OTP 18.0 or later
  • Tested on: OS X 10.10.4, FreeBSD 10-STABLE
  • License: BSD 3-clause
  • Note well: this program is still in the alpha level. Please report bugs to the GitHub issues and contribute through the pull requests.

Travis CI build status for the master branch

Build Status


  • Incorporate true concurrency (= game proceeds in real-time)
  • Keep following the traditional Star Trek model
    • Coordinate system: 2D and dual layer (Quadrants + Sectors)
    • Weapons: phaser (torpedo is optional)
    • Not too fast but not too slow
  • Start from a simplified model but make it extendable
  • Write in pure Erlang/OTP


  • Using NIFs (unless absolutely necessary)

Functions implemented at tag baselevel_20140416

(Most of code files are revised and rewritten by Andreas Stenius)

  • Game field setup
  • Impulse engine for Enterprise
  • Enterprise firing phaser to Klingon
  • Klingon firing to Enterprise
  • Enterprise can dock/undock to/from the starbase
  • The Game is now a proper Erlang application
  • Game message handled by an gen_event server
  • Dedicated command shell
  • The galaxy is a process (see erltrek_galaxy)
  • The ships (Enterprise and Klingons) are processes
  • The game no longer depends on internal time synchronization
  • Type spec for functions are now 17.0-compatible

Functions under development

  • Torpedoes

Make options (of

  • Makefile works on both BSD/GNU make
  • Makefile.erltrek is the real GNU make file; edit this file for modification
  • Building: make
  • Documentation: make docs (not yet ready)
  • Testing: make tests (not yet ready)
  • See also for the details

How to run (will invoke a dedicated shell)


On random number initialization

The processes using tinymt32 module will begin with the same internal state, for an easy debugging. See erltrek_setup:seed/0 for the details. This feature will surely be removed in later versions. Also, the players should be aware that all ships are concurrently running, so the sequence of execution will not be guaranteed.

Related YouTube Talk at Erlang Factory SF Bay 2014

(Courtesy Erlang Solutions)


  • Documentation in the source code (edoc or edown)
  • Eunit test cases
  • Refactoring with maps (maps may replace most of dict functionality)
  • Running on Windows


  • Andreas Stenius
  • Kenji Rikitake


  • Cimarron Taylor
  • Eric Allman
  • Francesco Cesarini
  • Fréd Hébert
  • Kyoko Rikitake
  • Loïc Hoguin
  • Robert Virding