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This repository contains the code used for the experiments of the ICML 2019 Paper "Adaptive and Safe Bayesian Optimization in High Dimensions via One-Dimensional Subspaces"

The paper can be found here:

To reproduce the experiments,

  1. Install a Python 3.6 environment
  2. Install the package with "pip install -e ."
  3. pip install git+
  4. pip install git+

To run the experiments, replace "{experiment_name}" in the instructions below by any of:

  • camelback
  • camelback_sub10
  • hartmann6
  • hartmann6_sub14
  • gaussian10
  • camelback_constraint
  • hartmann6_constraint
  • camelback_sub10_constraint

Instructions to run experiments and create plots:

  1. febo create {experiment_name} --config config/{experiment_name}.yaml
  2. febo run {experiment_name} (this will take a while, you can set the number of repetitions in the yaml file)
  3. febo plot {experiment_name} --plots febo.plots.InferenceRegret
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