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For the Github commit log see here:
v1.231 September 22, 2018
Add "click to start" overlay now that Safari 12 implements auto-play restrictions.
v1.230 September 19, 2018
CW decoder: add filter output graph with threshold indicator.
Fix Google timezone lookups.
v1.229 September 18, 2018
CW decoder extension improvements:
Require 4 decoding errors before re-train. (previously just 1)
Added error count indicator.
Specifying extension argument fixes decoder filter frequency and disables passband tracking.
e.g. my_kiwi:8073/?ext=cw,500
In addition to specifying passband "/pbw" and "/lo,hi" in URL and frequency entry box
can now also specify ":pbc" and ":pbc,pbw" to easily change passband center.
Added event notification API for the benefit of CATSync.
v1.226,227,228 September 17, 2018
CW decoder extension improvements:
Realtime fixes.
Added checkbox for "word space correction".
Change when spacing between words is consistently wrong.
Added checkbox for "threshold correction".
Checking seems to help with weak signal decoding.
Added a button which resets the code.
Added a "train" indicator that lights when code speed training is active.
v1.225 September 16, 2018
CW decoder extension fixes.
v1.224 September 15, 2018
Added CW decoder extension.
v1.223 September 12, 2018
CIC filter compensation via empirical measurement.
Minor TDoA UI improvements.
v1.222 September 11, 2018
Re-enabled the AM post-detector FIR filter after fixing the underlying problem as the
FIR filter is needed to workaround the known issue with CIC filter droop.
TDoA extension improvements:
"rerun" button: reruns the TDoA calculation using the existing samples.
Useful when you just want to adjust the map position/zoom or remove a
station's samples from the list and then recalculate.
If any of the TDoA result maps are selected when the submit or rerun buttons
are pressed then the position/zoom of the result map is used for the new run.
Previously only the Kiwi map position/zoom was ever used.
v1.220,221 September 9, 2018
Added audio FFT in the waterfall/spectrum for those channels where the regular
multi-level zoom waterfall/spectrum is not available.
v1.219 August 30, 2018
Christoph's fix for web socket close.
Update Galileo sat list.
Admin control tab option to disable all waterfall/spectrum display.
By request. This option saves Internet bandwidth.
Doesn't include audio FFT waterfall which consumes no additional Internet bandwidth.
v1.218 August 20, 2018
Solution for the GPS "diminishing fixes" problem.
v1.217 August 20, 2018
Fixed negative passband values in URL.
v1.216 August 7, 2018
All 12 GPS channels now support any satellite type (Navstar/QZSS/Galileo).
Do URL redirect if configured and Kiwi is marked down.
v1.215 August 3, 2018
New admin config parameters to set external ADC clock frequency and GPS correction.
Other ADC clock control improvements in IQ extension and "cal ADC clock" menu item.
Fix race causing incorrect inactivity timeouts under certain circumstances.
Passband can be specified in the "f=" URL parameter, format same as frequency entry box.
This is an alternative to specifying the passband alone with "pbw=" or "pb=" parameters.
v1.214 August 1, 2018
TDoA extension improvements:
Fix for TDoA with a mix of RX4 and RX8 mode Kiwis (GPS timestamp offset).
Get reference station list from instead of hardwired in code.
Keep selected Kiwi and reference markers out of marker clusters.
v1.213 July 31, 2018
RX8WF2 mode
Fix detection of all channels busy.
Added "no_wf" URL parameter to force non-waterfall channel to be used, e.g.
In the users list option tab show our channel number in green to distinguish from others.
v1.212 July 30, 2018
Beta test of RX8WF2 mode: more receiver channels.
See the new "mode" tab on the admin page for details.
v1.211 July 25, 2018
Fix TDoA channel limit bug.
v1.210 July 25, 2018
Correct dictionary-order sort of extension names in lists and menus.
TDoA extension improvements:
Added reference station categories.
Admin page extensions tab lets you limit number of channel used by TDoA service.
Admin page security tab lets you disable sending GPS timestamps completely.
Moved "TDoA ID" setting from tab to TDoA tab on extensions page
Updated help info.
v1.209 July 22, 2018
TDoA extension improvements:
When TDoA complete automatically switch to result map.
Switch option bar to 'off' (and restore) when TDoA running. Obscures the map less.
Option checkboxes moved to right of map display.
Added checkboxes to show/hide reference stations and day/night overlay.
Added more references stations.
Fix passband width adjustment when passband is offset from carrier (i.e. ssb, cw)
Use pointer cursor for menus and checkboxes.
v1.208 July 21, 2018
Commas in frequency entry field work again (broken since keyboard shortcuts added).
Can now quickly change passband via entry in frequency entry field:
Type "freq/pbw" or just "/pbw" where pbw is the passband width in Hz
or the low and high edges with "low,high".
1234.56 set f=1234.56 as usual
1234,56 set f=1234.56 using comma as decimal separator
234.56/1200 set f=234.56 and pbw=1200 around current pb center
/600 set pbw=600
/300,3000 set pb=(300,3000) i.e. usb 2700 Hz wide
7255/-2600,-300 set f=7255 and pbw=(-2600,-300) i.e. lsb 2300 Hz wide
Facility added to load certain javascript asynchronously (e.g. Google maps).
TDoA extension improvements:
New URL parameter "submit:" that will automatically start TDoA on webpage load.
e.g. ...?ext=tdoa,submit:,F1JEK,DL6ECS,SWL/JO21JN,DCF77
There is a 6 second delay for the initial status inquiries to complete.
6 character grid square used for ID instead of old "KiwiNNN" (Thanks Martin).
Duplicate IDs distinguished by appending /N to the ID (N = 2,3,...)
Multiple Kiwis at identical locations on map dithered slightly so all are visible.
More reliable communications protocol with server should prevent hangs.
Submit button changes to a stop button while TDoA running (feature may still have bugs).
"Most likely position" marker now shown on result maps.
This in addition to reference position if one has been specified.
Most likely position lat/lon shown at panel top along with cyan Google map link.
Triple-click on lat/lon value to copy/paste.
Green link icon at panel top has URL with current TDoA extension configuration
Right-click while hovered on link to create configuration bookmark or
click to open in a new tab/window (less useful).
Link is continuously updated as map is changed, host list changed etc.
After sampling each host shows a download icon for the recorded .wav IQ file.
v1.207 July 17, 2018
TDoA extension improvements:
Allow extension parameters in URL, e.g.
Will zoom the map to specified lat/lon/zoom and select specified Kiwis and ref station.
lat/lon/zoom is displayed at control panel upper right for reference.
Cluster markers when they are too close together:
Hover mouse over cluster for list of markers it contains.
A cluster single-click zooms +1.
A cluster double-click zooms in to reveal all the markers.
Show Kiwi markers on new maps (just like they are shown on old maps).
Second double-click of reference marker goes back to last map position/zoom.
Kiwi map type selected is carried to result map type.
Added additional reference stations:
v1.206 July 16, 2018
TDoA extension improvements:
On selection detect Kiwi offline or requiring password.
Added additional reference stations.
v1.205 July 15, 2018
TDoA extension improvements:
Improved error detection and messages.
Update help content.
v1.204 July 14, 2018
v1.203 July 14, 2018
TDoA extension improvements:
New mode: plot results on a Google map
Add distance scale to map.
Kiwi list UI improvements.
Fixed bug in audio recorder when using IQ mode.
v1.202 July 13, 2018
TDoA extension improvements:
Better error message when out-of-memory.
Added additional reference stations.
Fixed bug where local time displayed the same as UTC.
v1.201 July 12, 2018
TDoA extension improvements:
Highlight Kiwi markers (while -> yellow) selected for sampling list.
Added additional reference stations.
v1.200 July 11, 2018
TDoA extension improvements:
Double-click reference station markers to zoom in/out.
Map reference location field where custom lat, lon and name can be entered.
Can select Google map type.
v1.199 July 10, 2018
TDoA extension improvements:
Allow Google map zoom level 3.
Add more info to station tooltip (user count, antenna description).
v1.198 July 9, 2018
TDoA extension improvements:
Require minimum map zoom.
On startup Kiwis appear on map sooner.
Trying different audio recording icons.
v1.197 July 8, 2018
TDoA extension improvements:
Kiwi markers set dynamically based on GPS activity.
Added more known LF/VLF targets.
New “TDoA id” field on tab of admin page.
Set this to alter your Kiwi’s TDoA map marker label.
Added audio recording button (left of mute icon) thanks to code from Daniel Ekmann.
v1.196 July 7, 2018
Added TDoA-service extension. Under development.
Fixed bug that reduced the frequency of GPS solutions under certain conditions.
Include GPS good/fix counts in /status URL query.
Add URL args to redirect URL, e.g. a connection to mykiwi:8073/?f=5000 will redirect to
mykiwi:8074/?f=5000 if mykiwi:8074 is the configured redirect URL (thanks PK).
Support Ethernet / WiFi virtual interfaces, e.g. eth0:1
Some people use this to implement dual IPv4/IPv6 local networks.
Major w3_util API cleanup including update from W3.css v2.65 to v3.4
Disable keyboard shortcuts for Firefox <= v52, Chrome <= v49 and Opera <= v36 due to
browser compatibility problems.
Use a build directory outside the source tree so that source files can be shared between
a development machine and the Kiwi Beagle (e.g. files shared with NFS).
v1.195 May 18, 2018
Fix frequency field input on older versions of iOS.
Ensure /etc/resolv.conf for DNS is valid on startup.
v1.194 May 13, 2018
Fixed memory allocation bug in dx label processing.
v1.193 May 12, 2018
Don't interfere with control key on Linux/Windows (and all non-OSX OSs)
v1.192 May 12, 2018
Typing into password fields is now masked, i.e. characters echo as dots.
Added compression-mode toggle button to audio tab (green = compressed, the default).
Network data rates: audio compressed = 6 kB/s, uncompressed 24 kB/s (B = bytes).
Added external ADC clock selection switch to config tab of admin page.
Switch to using three new geolocation servers.
v1.190,191 May 10, 2018
Added keyboard shortcuts. Press "h" or "?" to toggle a help list. Work in progress.
IQ display extension now supports mPSK (BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK) carrier locking.
See the Kiwi forum for more details.
DX edit panel:
1) New "extension" field. Place name of extension and associated parameters in this field
and the extension will be started when dx label is clicked. Label turns magenta instead of
yellow when you mouse over the label and an extension has been specified.
Use ctrl/alt-click to skip starting extension and only select frequency as usual.
Extension specification is the same as used in the URL "ext=" parameter. See documentation.
2) New "passband" field. Format is a single number in Hz specifying the width of a
symmetrical passband around the carrier (i.e. AM or DSB) or two numbers separated by a
comma or space specifying the low and high passband offsets (e.g. "300, 700" for USB-CW)
With the above two features you can create a dx label for a STANAG 4285 signal that specifies
the proper 2400 Hz AM bandwidth (+/- 1200 around carrier) and then a label extension field
of "iq,density,8PSK".
FAX extension aligns entire image when shift-click is used.
Also touch alignment now works on mobile devices.
Escape key now closes extension and confirmation panels in all cases.
v1.189 May 2, 2018
Kiwi extensions: convert .c files to .cpp for clang compiler compatibility.
v1.188 May 1, 2018
Switch compilers from gcc to clang. Build times now twice as fast.
Add Kiwi URL redirect capability. Allows multiple Kiwis to respond to a single URL.
See admin page "connect" tab for description.
v1.187 Apr 29, 2018
Fix timing bug with JSON configuration saves.
v1.180,181,182,183,184,185,186 Apr 27, 2018
Add WSPR background autorun mode.
See instructions on admin page, "extensions" tab, WSPR menu entry.
v1.179 Apr 19, 2018
Fix for Chrome's new "no autoplay" audio policy. Display the "click to start OpenWebRX"
overlay that is used with iOS mobile devices.
Fix to eliminate audio glitches when a large dx list is edited/updated from the web interface.
v1.176,177,178 Apr 18, 2018
The Kiwi GPS now receives Galileo satellites in addition to Navstar and QZSS.
A GPS antenna with restricted sky visibility will now have more satellites to choose from
and should produce position/time solutions more often.
Please consider attaching the GPS antenna to your Kiwi, especially if yours is a
public Kiwi listed on This will assist with ongoing HF direction finding experiments
as well as serve as a source of frequency calibration for your Kiwi.
Thanks to Christoph Mayer for important insight and bug fixes.
Admin GPS tab now has Google map display.
Support Vivado 2017.4 for building FPGA image.
v1.175 Mar 5, 2018
GPS fixes and improvements.
Include copy of bb-cape-overlay package for Debian 8.10 /dev/spidev* workaround
v1.174 Feb 23, 2018
Display DHCP/static IP address on Beagle LEDs.
v1.173 Feb 14, 2018
Check against bad GPS az/el solutions.
v1.172 Feb 13, 2018
Respect GPS subframe alert flag. Don't include sat in position fix if alert flag is set.
Add "include alerted?" switch to GPS tab on admin page to override alert exclusion.
v1.171 Feb 11, 2018
Admin GPS tab additions.
Shadow map. Shows long term areas of non-reception caused by "shadowing" of buildings and terrain.
For Asia/Oceania, a locator for the new geosynchronous QZS-3 sat will appear as a circle.
Combined with the shadow map this will indicate if QZS-3 is likely to be received.
v1.170 Feb 8, 2018
Added GPS support for Japan's Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS).
Should have reception over entire Asia-Oceania region (heard fine in New Zealand).
v1.169 Feb 6, 2018
Faster GPS sat acquisition (260 -> 60 msec) from Christoph Mayer.
Adjust bin size so power-of-two FFTs can be used.
Use ARM NEON SIMD instructions.
v1.168 Feb 1, 2018
Improve speed of DX label handling.
v1.167 Jan 31, 2018
Leave zoom alone when changing shift etc.
Fix bug in EFR mode that makes it print “undefined”.
v1.166 Jan 30, 2018
FSK: Add shift position markers on top of waterfall below passband.
WSPR: darken call/grid link colors.
v1.165 Jan 28, 2018
Add alternate 80m and 60m WSPR frequencies.
Fix bug preventing inactive connection timeout from working.
Add custom shift and baud rate fields to FSK extension.
v1.164 Jan 27, 2018
Catch null pointer when is down.
On admin tab, limit resolution of GPS assist lat/lon field-fill for privacy reasons.
v1.163 Jan 23, 2018
FSK extension:
EFR Teleswitch decoding improvements.
CHU decoding working.
v1.162 Jan 22, 2018
FSK extension: support for EFR Teleswitch stations (130-140 kHz in Europe).
v1.161 Jan 21, 2018
Actually enable the FSK extension.
Add more baud and shift values to menus.
Improvements to the framing tool.
v1.160 Jan 20, 2018
Fixed FSK menu bug.
v1.159 Jan 20, 2018
Navtex: add frequency to DX mode, next/prev menu entry buttons.
Added FSK extension. A work in progress. Not all framing modes seem to work.
v1.158 Jan 17, 2018
Add Navtex DX mode. Each new message prints a single line containing a timestamp,
header information and the first 80 characters of the message.
v1.157 Jan 16, 2018
Fix user display on admin status tab
Add volume URL parameter, e.g. kiwisdr:8073/?vol=100
vol = 0 to 200(%), default is 50%
v1.156 Jan 12, 2018
Fixed FAX frequencies: Athens (way off) and Northwood UK 4 MHz (100 Hz error).
Added GPS tracking PLL IQ display to admin interface.
Added scope display to Navtex extension.
v1.155 Jan 3, 2018
Navtex extension:
Add baud error indicator.
Add HF frequencies menu.
Text window clear button.
Mark/space invert checkbox.
Another fix to NDB database lookup function.
API fix for antenna switch extension.
v1.154 Jan 2, 2018
New Navtex extension.
Major user interface changes:
New “option tab” user interface for lower right control panel.
Removed lower left status panel. Replaced with the new "Users" and "Stats" option tabs.
Next/previous history buttons next to frequency entry box.
If using a keyboard press return key to select displayed frequency.
Otherwise prior frequency will return after three seconds.
Doesn't really work yet for mobile devices.
Added numeric dBm value to S-meter.
Added classic LMS denoiser and autonotch to audio tab. Filter controls on extension panel.
The LMS filters are not a panacea for all filtering problems.
They are tricky to adjust and don't work in all situations.
The presets are a work-in-progress.
Added audio mute icon/button to right of spectrum button (renamed "Spec" to fit).
WF option tab
Number after "WF" on option tab button is current zoom level, e.g. "WF10"
"Auto Scale" button: automatically sets WF min/max.
Best when there are a range of signal levels.
"Slow Dev" button: Use when you have audio drops on slow mobile devices (e.g. old iPad).
Uses single color in spectrum and slower waterfall speed.
"colormap" & "contrast" menus: beginnings of waterfall colormap control. Work-in-progress.
"spec filter" menu: variable spectrum time constant so decay time can be varied.
Add URL parameter to set initial waterfall speed:
wf={0, off, 1, 1hz, s, slow, m, med, f, fast} e.g. kiwi:8073/?wf=1hz
Fixed problem with NDB database lookup not working.
Removed “less buffering” and “compression” buttons from Audio tab until they are working.
v1.153 Dec 7, 2017
Add threshold slider to noise blanker.
v1.152 Dec 6, 2017
First attempt at adding a noise blanker.
Added variable speed waterfall ("WF rate" slider)
Now on extended control panel, via "more" button:
The "WF max" slider.
Sound "Less buffering" (formerly "SND") and "Compression" buttons.
Loran-C extension: fix truncated display for larger GRI values.
v1.151 Nov 25, 2017
Adds GPS-derived timestamp in IQ mode (contributed patch)
v1.150 Nov 22, 2017
Fix broken menu selections on admin page.
Added "always acquire" switch to GPS tab of admin page.
v1.149 Nov 22, 2017
Connect to geolocation servers using https for benefit of Kiwis behind https/ssl proxies (contributed patch)
Fixed problem with Kiwi server geolocation of user connections randomly failing.
Added a "continue anyway" button to the javascript version mismatch dialog.
v1.148 Nov 21, 2017
Fix timestamp wrong latch clock.
v1.147 Nov 21, 2017
When setting static ip address allow DNS servers to be specified.
Fix timestamp in audio IQ stream.
v1.146 Nov 18, 2017
IBP scanner iPad problem fixed.
v1.145 Nov 18, 2017
Reverted last IBP scanner commit due to problems on iPad.
v1.144 Nov 17, 2017
Improvements to IBP scanner extension from VE3SUN (see
Automatically position extension data display when browser window resized.
v1.143 Nov 13, 2017
Added this CHANGE_LOG file.
Fixed crash caused when invalid numeric entries used in label edit panel.
Stop IBP_scan waterfall annotations after extension closed.
v1.142 Nov 12, 2017
New repository
A version of KiwiSDR with the SDR code removed for people who only want to experiment with GPS.
Easier to understand and compiles faster than full KiwiSDR repo.
Except for the FPGA simulation, this is a replacement for
v1.141 Nov 7, 2017
Admin webpage tab has textarea input for HTML that is added to the <head> element of
the main page. Useful to add for example Javascript to setup Google analytics.
v1.140 Nov 1, 2017
Bug fix allowing IQ mode in labels (kiwi.config/dx.json file).
v1.139 Nov 1, 2017
New IQ demodulator mode (button to the right of NBFM) that, among other things, allows
DRM decoding using the external Dream application. Requires use of
"virtual audio cable" software on your computer to route the browser audio output to the
input of Dream or other app. See the KiwiSDR forum for details.
v1.138 Oct 25, 2017
Improvements from VE3SUN:
IBP: Waterfall annotation of IBP station callsign.
IBP: Waterfall autosave to jpg file.
"DX cluster lookup" right-button menu entry.
25-entry last frequency memory. Use keyboard up/down keys to access.
v1.137 Oct 16, 2017
Security improvements:
No more storage of admin password in cookies.
Create file kiwi.config/opt.no_console to disable root console capability completely.
File kiwi.config/opt.admin_ip can limit admin connections to a single ipv4/ipv6 address
on the local network (put ip address in file).
Note: for security reasons it makes no sense to put these options _in_ the admin webpage.
v1.136 Oct 11, 2017
Update needed because moved to a new server.
v1.135 Oct 8, 2017
Bug fix in time limit exemption password code.
v1.134 Oct 8, 2017
Bug fix in time limit code.
v1.133 Oct 8, 2017
Fix top bar congestion. As the window width is narrowed (or for small screen devices) items
on the top bar will be removed. Before the items would overlap making them unreadable.
v1.132 Oct 2, 2017
Bug fix.
v1.131 Oct 2, 2017
Added 24hr per-ip address connect time limit to admin interface. Now you can limit how long
a particular ip address can connect during a 24 hour period.
Fixed S-meter residual color problem.
v1.130 Sep 30, 2017
Added a GPS Azimuth/Elevation display option.
TODO: earlier releases