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File-based CMS for IIS - Your Markdown-based documentation site in less than 30 seconds!
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MIIS: A Markdown File-based CMS for IIS and Azure


A Markdown and HTML file-based CMS system for IIS by @jm_alarcon.

MIIS is a perfect blend between a traditional CMS (such as Wordpress) and a Static Site Generator (such as Jekyll). Get the best of both worlds:

  • No backend database or special setup needed
  • No need to recompile and deploy after any change
  • Lightning-fast, without unneeded bloat

Set up your Markdown-based documentation system or web site in less than 30 seconds!

System Requirements

  • Internet Information Server on Windows Server or an Azure Web App
  • .NET Framework 3.5 or later (usually already installed on the server), for maximum compatibility


  • Create full-fledged web sites and documentation sites based on Markdown and HTML files
  • Easy support for custom templating and navigation for the served files. You can create a CMS (Content Management System) directly from Markdown files in no time!
  • Generate site pages on the fly from Markdown files or HTML (.mdh files), with navigation and all the common elements in the site
  • Super-flexible and easy template creation, with "includes" support
  • Custom properties that can be used in any file
  • Powerful "Fragments" feature that allows to assemble contents dynamically from several files
  • Define different look&feel, layout or navigation for specific files or folders
  • Several documentation site templates included out of the box
  • Markdown file caching and template caching for maximum performance
  • Great support for Markdown and Markdown extras
  • Serve plain HTML from Markdown (use as a simple Markdown handler) with custom CSS
  • Out of the box support for all the most common markdown file extensions: .md, .markdown, .mdown, .mkdn, .mkd. You can add your own extensions

Check the full documentation.

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