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Gistbook Travis build status

This is the development repository for Gistbook, a web application that is no longer hosted.


Clone this repository.

git clone https://github.com/jmeas/gistbook.git

Navigate into the root directory of the project and install the dependencies.

cd gistbook && npm install

Developing locally

If this is your first time setting up Gistbook locally, run sudo npm run configure-hosts-local.

Next, create a personal access token for your Github account. You can generate one from your Settings page. Make sure that it has user and gist access, otherwise it won't work. Copy the token down and place it in a file config/personal-access-token.json. There's an example file in the directory that shows you the format.

To build and start the development version of the app, run grunt work -f.

Once the app is built, you can access it at http://gistbook.loc:3344.

Note: Logging in through Github will only work on port 3344.


Gistbook is deployed to AWS using Ansible. Install it via:

  • All platforms: pip install ansible via pip
  • OSX: brew install ansible via homebrew
  • Linux: apt-get/yum install ansible

Next, run npm run get-secrets if you haven't already. You'll only need to do this once.

To Staging

Run the npm run deploy-staging command from the root directory of the project.

To Production

Execute the npm run deploy command from the root directory of the project. Tag a new release on Github with the new version number.