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[o] port load26 (requires BlockParticipant)
[o] logger service
[o] test logger
[o] object full_dup
[o] engine#remove_service
[o] :receive or :receive_back for when workitems come back from participant
[o] emit :processes :launch :wfid
[o] emit :processes :terminate :wfid only
[o] arch doc
[o] verbose always on
[o] ev : :participants :register/:unregister
[o] test logger always on for tests (in-memory only)
[o] NullParticipant
[o] NoOpParticipant
[o] rufus-dollar
[o] variables in ProcessStatus (process level only)
[o] ProcessStatus#tree
[o] subprocess binding
[o] subprocess lookup
[o] participant lookup
[o] event : launch_sub
[o] event : :processes, :cancelled ?
[o] concurrence : over_if
[o] pool cleanup
[o] fexp : created_time
[o] ps : launched_time
[o] ps : #tags
[o] wi test (and fix) ${f:xyz}
[o] wi#to_h #from_h
[ ] wi.params ?
[o] self rec for [main] process
[ ] fexp : clean up attributes (attr_reader/_accessor stuff)
[ ] fexp.last_modified
[ ] wfid_gen : rufus-mnemo
[ ] file logger service
[ ] fs_error_journal
[o] cache storage
[o] fs storage
[o] tag (which implies variables)
[o] event : upon setting tag !
[o] event : upon leaving tag
[o] undo
[o] redo
[o] cancel-process (exp)
[o] cancel_process
[o] cancel
[o] on_error
[o] on_cancel
[ ] concurrent-iterator < concurrence
[o] stop passing full exp in message, except for expression updates
[ ] forget : participant ? subprocess ?
[x] engine#reload
[ ] participants stop
[ ] part/sub timeout (with Andrew's at)
[ ] part/sub conditional (all expressions ? no, there's 'if')
[ ] stalled [participant] expressions restart (apply/reply ?)
[ ] define without name (__result__)
[x] workitem.__result__ / why, the workitem itself is the result
[ ] smart lookup ? (?)
[o] tracker
[o] sleep
[o] listen
[ ] listen wfid="x"
[ ] exploded scheduler
[ ] when
[ ] persisted Tracker
[ ] save / restore
[x] wfid --> piid (stick with the funny old name)
[ ]
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