Libraries to write tests in C, C++ and shell
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Welcome to the ATF project!

ATF, or Automated Testing Framework, is a collection of libraries to write test programs in C, C++ and POSIX shell.

The ATF libraries offer a simple API. The API is orthogonal through the various bindings, allowing developers to quickly learn how to write test programs in different languages.

ATF-based test programs offer a consistent end-user command-line interface to allow both humans and automation to run the tests.

ATF-based test programs rely on an execution engine to be run and this execution engine is not shipped with ATF. Kyua is the engine of choice.


Formal releases for source files are available for download from GitHub:

  • atf 0.20, released on February 7th, 2014.


You are encouraged to install binary packages for your operating system wherever available:

  • Fedora 20 and above: install the atf package with yum install atf.

  • FreeBSD 10.0 and above: install the atf package with pkg install atf.

  • NetBSD with pkgsrc: install the pkgsrc/devel/atf package.

Should you want to build and install ATF from the source tree provided here, follow the instructions in the INSTALL file.


Please use the atf-discuss mailing list for any support inquiries related to atf-c, atf-c++ or atf-sh.

If you have any questions on Kyua proper, please use the kyua-discuss mailing list instead.