Electron app running with angular2 and webpack
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Angular 2 electron app featuring webpack

A working demo of electron with angular2 using Webpack, ngrx and material2

This is a demo of oauth with github using angular 2 and electron. It uses redux to manage state. You should create a config file as following :

    "github": {
        "client_id": "yourclientID",
        "client_secret": "yoursecretkey",
        "scopes": [

and place this file inside the "app" folder.Dont use this in production as for production you should have a safe server side URI and not have your secret key in the app folder.

When running it authenticates the user and goes to a page showing the username received from the authentication oauth workflow.

Run the example

$ npm install
$ npm run build
$ npm run watch
$ npm run electron


The app has support for packaging using 'electron-packager'

$ npm run package

Will run the package for OSX. You can also provide additional options to the package command such as

  • --name : The package name
  • --all : Will packaget the application to all the platforms
  • --arch : Arches to be provided
  • --icon : The icon for the app