😋 Unix file command written in Go
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Signed-off-by: Joeky Zhan <jj16180339887@gmail.com> <Joeky_Zhan@asus.com>
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@joeky888 needs file command on Windows, so he made one.

Screen shot


  • Pure Go, static binary without libmagic
  • Lightweight, The only dependency is os
  • Cross-platform: No unix specific code like mmap

Install binary

Download from https://github.com/joeky888/fil/releases

Install from source

go get -u github.com/joeky888/fil


Just like unix file command

$ fil <FILE_NAME>

MIT Licence

The code is based on toybox (but it is written in C, and only runs on unix-like OS)


  1. Port more code from toybox/file.c
  2. Port more code from filetype/matchers
  3. More magic