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Feedback request template


Can you help me with your feedback?

I'm seeking feedback because (REASON)

If you want prompts, here some:

  • "In my experience with you, your strengths are..."

  • "Your challenges and opportunities for improvement are..."

  • "If there's one improvement that you can make that can make a significant difference to our company and clients over the next six months, what would that be?"

Feedback is easy and fast:

  • You can reply to this email with your feedback.

  • If you would like to provide anonymous feedback, then you can email my leadership coach: (NAME) (EMAIL). He anonymizes feedback and aggregates it to general themes. He keeps all feedback confidential, and he has a non-disclosure agreement with (COMPANY). All responses received by (DATE) will be included.

  • If you would like to provide feedback in person, or by phone or video, that's great too; let me know when's good for us to get together.

I appreciate your help! :)

Thank you, (NAME)