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Cerberus is distributed under an open source license. This means (among
other things) that the complete source code is available for your perusal, and
you are free to make modifications to the source code or use it in any way you
see fit, subject to a few restrictions (see: License.txt).
It is the strength of community effort that makes open source software truly
great. If you make a change to Cerberus which may be useful to others
please consider sending a patch to the Cerberus development team (see:
Authors.txt) so that your work may be made available to all of our users.
If you wish to help out but are unsure as to what you can do or what needs to
be done, read the file Todo.txt or check out Cerberus's GitHub wiki or
Lighthouse issue tracker. There is also a developers mailing list (see:
Readme.txt) which is publicly accessible, but please try to read all the
accompanying documentation and search the mailing list archives before