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jQuery Framer

The jQuery Plugin for adding configurations to responsive design test pages by @johnpolacek

jQuery Framer is built upon fine work done by others like Matt Kersley, Benjamin Keen and lensco.

See it in action on Responsivator!


If all you want to do is turn your webpage into a Responsive Design Test Page: $.Framer();

You can customize by doing this:

var framesArray = [
    { width:320, height:480, label:'Phone (portrait)' },
    { width:480, height:320, label:'Phone (landscape)' }),
    { width:480, height:800, label:'Small Tablet (portrait)' }),
    { width:800, height:480, label:'Small Tablet (landscape)' }),
    { width:768, height:1024, label:'Large Tablet (portrait)' }),
    { width:1024, height:768, label:'Large Tablet (landscape)' }),
    { width:1280, height:800, label:'Desktop' }

Dual licensed under MIT and GPL.

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