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Hook into scroll watcher #136

leesherwood opened this Issue Jan 22, 2014 · 1 comment

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Not sure this would be a wanted feature by the repo owner, but i recently had an issue where i needed to use TweenMax.set() at a specific scroll location. However because you can't call .pause() on the tween set method (since its immediate), i had to use the .to() method with a very short duration.

However this feels hacky, so i'm going to modify the script and add either a method to add a "non tweenmax function" such as "controller.addCallback" (i.e. a simple call this callback function when you reach X position), or just make it so i can use generic javascript functions in the addTween method and modify the check scroll method to make it all work.

If this is of interest to the repo owner, i can do it "properly" (or the best i can) and make a pull request, if not i'll just hack it together just enough to fit my needs...

So, if someone (i.e. the repo owner) could maybe say whether it's something you'd consider appropriate, i can work on that.


Hi Leesher,

thanks for your offer.
This is something that is implemented in ScrollMagic (the future version of Superscrollorama) and would be a too big change in the behaviour of Superscrollorama. That is why we will not implement it, as it can also be achived using your "hacky" solution with the very short duration.

Thanks anyway,

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