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#include <WiFlyHQ.h>
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include <PusherClient.h>
const char mySSID[] = "my$ssid"; //use $ to represent spaces in your ssid or passphrase
const char myPassword[] = "my$pass$phrase";
const char pusherKey[] = "abc123";
PusherClient client;
SoftwareSerial wifiSerial(2,3); //we will use these pins for debug output
int poweroutlet = 12; //pinout for the powerswitch
int led = 13; //status indicator led
WiFly wifly;
void setup() {
//initialize our digital pinouts
pinMode(poweroutlet, OUTPUT);
pinMode(led, OUTPUT);
//turn off the poweroutlet and led starting out
digitalWrite(poweroutlet, LOW);
digitalWrite(led, LOW);
if (!wifly.begin(&Serial, &wifiSerial)) { //start up the serial connection to our wifi, tell the WiFlyHQ lib to use our softwareserial for debug
wifiSerial.println(F("Failed to start wifly"));
wifly.terminal(); //if the wifly fails to start, give us access to a direct serial terminal to the RN-XV
if (!wifly.isAssociated()) { //check to see if we are already associated with the network before connecting
wifiSerial.println(F("Joining network"));
if (wifly.join(mySSID, myPassword, true)) { //using the true flag at the end of wifly.join indicates that we are using WPA;
wifiSerial.println(F("Joined wifi network"));
else {
wifiSerial.println(F("Failed to join wifi network"));
else { //if we are already associated with the network
wifiSerial.println(F("Already joined network"));
client.setClient(wifly); //initialize the pusher client with our
if(client.connect(pusherKey)) { //connect to our pusher account
client.bind("powersms", powerSwitch); //bind the powersms event to the powerSwitch callback function
client.subscribe("robot_channel"); //subscribe to our pusher channel
else { //if we fail to connect, just loop
while(1) {
void loop() {
if (client.connected()) {
void powerSwitch(String data) {
String cmd = client.parseMessageMember("command", data);
wifiSerial.print("Command: ");
if (cmd == "on") {
else {