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An IoT doorsystem controller for standard electronic door strikes and door opening actuators. Coordinates the physical opener buttons, mode switches, and offers a HTTP/MQTT interface for unlocking using a mobile app. Focus on ease of prototyping and adapting to changes.

Developed for Oslo Kommune by Trygvis IO and


In production

One doorsystem is deployed and in use since December 2017.




Key features

  • HTTP gateway with RESTful API
  • Device healthcheck monitoring, accessible as HTTP GET
  • Works behind NAT, on office/residential networks and 4G.
  • Standard MQTT TLS communication from device to gateway. Tested with Mosquitto
  • Firmware runs on standard embedded Linux, using sysfs GPIO. Tested on Raspberry PI3 running Raspbian Jessie
  • Remote access to device via reverse-tunneled SSH, for updates or debugging.
  • Remote deployments to devices automated using Ansible
  • Simple Python 3.5+ code for both gateway and firmware

Key features

  • Works with standard electronic door hardware. Tested with DORMA
  • Raspberry PI shield formfactor. Probably compatible with most RPI clones
  • Single power-supply, 9-24V input voltage. Integrated DC/DC stepdown for RPi
  • 8 digital inputs. 5-24V.
  • 6 outputs. 24V compatible, 2A sinking.
  • Designed in KiCAD