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Notes for developers of CHI
All code should pass unit tests before being checked in. This includes
* tidy.t, which will check that code has been tidied (and will tidy it for you otherwise) according to ./perltidyrc
* critic.t, which will check that code passes Perl::Critic according to ./perlcriticrc
Some tests are internal only, meaning you will run them, but not end-users. These are
marked with 'use CHI::Test::InternalOnly' in the case of .t files, or 'sub internal_only {
1 }' in the case of Test::Class classes.
You should install the latest versions of the following modules to ensure you can run the
full suite of tests:
* Perl::Tidy
* Perl::Critic
* Pod::Tidy
* Cache::FastMmap
* Cache::Memcached