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require "fpm/namespace"
require "fpm/package"
require "fileutils"
require "fpm/util"
# This provides PHP PEAR package support.
# This provides input support, but not output support.
class FPM::Package::PEAR < FPM::Package
option "--package-name-prefix", "PREFIX",
"Name prefix for pear package", :default => "php-pear"
option "--channel", "CHANNEL_URL",
"The pear channel url to use instead of the default."
option "--channel-update", :flag,
"call 'pear channel-update' prior to installation"
# Input a PEAR package.
# The parameter is a PHP PEAR package name.
# Attributes that affect behavior here:
# * :prefix - changes the install root, default is /usr/share
# * :pear_package_name_prefix - changes the
def input(input_package)
if !program_in_path?("pear")
# Create a temporary config file
@logger.debug("Creating pear config file")
config = File.expand_path(build_path("pear.config"))
installroot = attributes[:prefix] || "/usr/share"
safesystem("pear", "config-create", staging_path(installroot), config)
# try channel-discover
if !attributes[:pear_channel].nil?"Custom channel specified", :channel => attributes[:pear_channel])
p ["pear", "-c", config, "channel-discover", attributes[:pear_channel]]
safesystem("pear", "-c", config, "channel-discover", attributes[:pear_channel])
input_package = "#{attributes[:pear_channel]}/#{input_package}""Prefixing package name with channel", :package => input_package)
# do channel-update if requested
if attributes[:pear_channel_update?]
channel = attributes[:pear_channel] || "pear""Updating the channel", :channel => channel)
safesystem("pear", "-c", config, "channel-update", channel)
pear_cmd = "pear -c #{config} remote-info #{input_package}""Fetching package information", :package => input_package, :command => pear_cmd)
name = %x{#{pear_cmd} | sed -ne '/^Package\s*/s/^Package\s*//p'}.chomp = "#{attributes[:pear_package_name_prefix]}-#{name}"
self.version = %x{#{pear_cmd} | sed -ne '/^Latest\s*/s/^Latest\s*//p'}.chomp
self.description = %x{#{pear_cmd} | sed -ne '/^Summary\s*/s/^Summary\s*//p'}.chomp
@logger.debug("Package info", :name =>, :version => self.version,
:description => self.description)"Installing pear package", :package => input_package,
:directory => staging_path)
::Dir.chdir(staging_path) do
safesystem("pear", "-c", config, "install", "-n", "-f", input_package)
# Remove the stuff we don't want
delete_these = [".depdb", ".depdblock", ".filemap", ".lock", ".channel"]
Find.find(staging_path) do |path|
FileUtils.rm_r(path) if delete_these.include?(File.basename(path))
end # def input
end # class FPM::Package::PEAR
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